Watch: Twisted

Do you love Disney, Wicked, and/or Team Starkid? Well, you’re in luck, as Team Starkid have just released their latest parody musical, Twisted,¬†onto youtube. A retelling of Aladdin, making Aladdin a douchebag and Jafar the misunderstood hero, the musical is as hilarious and brilliantly clever as you’d expect a Starkid Production to be.

You can watch the first part below to get a taste, or click here to watch the whole show:

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Watch: Project:Library

Youtubers are no longer content to sit and make vlogs, they’re increasingly creating high quality short films and web series. Take for instance Charlie McDonnell’s Tea Chronicles, or the new offering from a group of British Youtubers, Project:Library.

Project: Library was created by TimH and Mike Cannon, and written by the creators, as well as Benjamin Cook (of Becoming Youtube fame) and Jack Howard.

Tag lined “An action movie. With books!”, the series follows the story of a library on the brink of closure who discover that a book was borrowed in 1989 and never returned. They calculate the fee due at one million pounds, enough to save the library, and set out to get that fee no matter the consequences.

Each episode is short enough to keep your attention, so well made you forget you’re watching a youtube show, and full of familiar faces from the British Youtubing community. There’s not more you could ask for, really.

The first episode premiered today, with one episode set to be released each week.

Check it out!

frangipani princess xoxo