Watch (And Cry): The Fault In Our Stars Trailer

The official The Fault In Our Stars trailer premiered last week, to the delight of John Green fangirls across the globe.

The Fault In Our Stars is one of my all time favourite books. Augustus Waters comes in second only to Draco Malfoy in my list of fictional guys I’d really, really like to marry. The book is so grand, so wonderful, that I had a lot of fears when I first heard it was being made into a film. After seeing the trailer, a lot of those fears still remain. Is Ansel Elgort right for the role of Augustus? (probably not, but is anyone?) Will the pretentious language of the novel translate into realistic teen conversation in the film? (again, probably not, because books use a different language to film. Maybe they should have adapted the conversation, but then most of the beauty would have been lost. Maybe it’s a lose-lose.) Will they ever be able to capture the bittersweet perfection of the relationship between Gus and Hazel?(This one I’m surprisingly less pessimistic about – Ansel and Shailene have amazing chemistry.)

I guess we’ll just have to wait until the 5th of June to find out for sure.

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Watch: One Direction, Midnight Memories

A day with a new One Direction music video is a very happy day indeed. It’s even better when the video is perhaps my favourite yet (although Best Song Ever is a hard one to beat).

Have a watch, and let the envy of the fact you’ll never get to run around London at midnight with One Direction sink in (or even the fact you’ll never be at a totally lame shitty party with them. I know, I feel it too.).

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Watch: Hannibal Season Two Trailer

I liked a lot of television shows in 2013. I even really loved a few. But one that truly stands out for me is Hannibal, the perfect show about a cannibalistic psychiatrist and poor, innocent Will Graham.

The thirteen episodes which made up the first season really weren’t enough, especially when it ended the way it did. I have known the second season has been in the works for months, but the waiting has been painful (Will Graham needs to be saved, dammit! Why is nobody saving Will Graham?!).

But now, finally, we have a trailer. Warning: Feelings ahead.

Hannibal Season Two will premiere in the USA on February 28th 2014, and hopefully in Australia eventually.

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Links To Start Your Week

I’m starting a new job this week, and so time available for posting will be significantly declined. In lieu of all the posts I’d ideally like to get up this week (I will get some posted, promise), have some links:

Have a great week!

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Review: Sherlock – The Empty Hearse (Part Two)

On Thursday, I wrote about the problematic aspects of the first episode of Sherlock Season Three. After a rewatch, and some time to ponder and browse tumblr, here’s a more general review. 

The much anticipated return of Sherlock (which does not yet have an Australian air-date) occurred on New Years Day, UK time. Season Three promised to answer the much conspired about question: Just How Did Sherlock Survive The Fall?

Warning: Spoilers ahead: 

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Review: Sherlock – The Empty Hearse (Part One)

CORRECTION: In my haste to watch the episode and get a post up, I neglected to notice that the writer of this episode was Mark Gatiss and not Steven Moffat. All other claims made in this review stand. 

The Sherlock Season Three premiere episode, titled The Empty Hearse, aired in the UK this morning. I was hopeful that the episode would be good. That we would be given an explanation as to Sherlock’s survival, that the big reveals would be respectful, that John’s response would be realistic. And, as feared, I was disappointed.

Under the cut I talk about the aspects of the episode I found most problematic. If you’ve seen the episode, let me know what you thought.

Spoilers Ahead

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After two years of delirious anticipation, Sherlock Season Three is set to grace our (computer) screens in half an hour. 

Putting aside how problematic the series can be, fans around the world are unbelievably excited right now. It’s been two years since Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman last graced our screens. Two years since we saw Sherlock jump to his supposed death. Two years of speculating about how he did it. Two years, and in twenty-five minutes, all will be revealed.

I’ll be posting a spoiler-free review of the episode once it airs.

Twenty minutes to go. Take a deep breath. We can do this, together.

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Don’t Be Dead: Why Season Three of “Sherlock” Will Be A Complete Disaster

(This post contains spoilers for all seasons of the BBC series Sherlock, in particular season three, as well as the finale of season 6 of Doctor Who. This post also contains TRIGGER WARNINGS for discussions of suicide, trauma, and emotional manipulation.)

(I am making this post not only as a fan, but as someone who has experienced situations somewhat similar to those John experiences in The Reichenbach Fall. I apologise if my take on these experiences is alienating to other survivors of emotional manipulation or abuse. I have tried to write not only from what I know personally, but from what I can objectively observe.)

I’m not usually one to cast aspersions and make assumptions beyond casual speculation about episodes of a TV show before they’ve aired—in fact, I’m usually the guy encouraging people not to. That said, I have spent the past few months deeply worried about the impending premiere of season three of BBC’s Sherlock, and I don’t think it’s without good reason.

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