Stephanie Marinkovic: 
I am a second year Communication and Journalism student at UNSW and seriously need to get my act together when it comes to writing so here I am. Most importantly, however, I am a massive fangirl. I watch way too much TV (is there even such a thing? Yes, yes there is) and I love reading.
You can check out my blog at, or follow me on twitter 🙂
Isabel O’Riain
I’m 15 and live in Sydney. Currently completing year ten, and struggling due to an addiction to tumblr. Also fighting a losing battle with my dependency on the supermarket across the road from my apartment (who doesn’t love food?!). I love reading, fashion, music, gigs and magazines, as well as festivals of the fairylight variety.
You can follow me at, or on twitter 🙂
Monica Welsh
If you were to divide my life into sizeable chunks you would find books, science and an abundance of liquorice allsorts. Though I am only in year 11 I hope to one day become a Speech Pathologist, in the meantime busying myself with learning sign language and volunteering with children who I believe teach me more than I teach them! If all else fails I think I’ll approach life like Stargirl (if you haven’t met Stargirl you must read this book) and simply get through high school first!
Jessica Lim
I’m currently a second year student studying Media and Law at UNSW, with an avid boyband obsession and a serious pop culture addiction. I love music more than I love Froyo (which is serious stuff), and I am often preoccupied watching television shows and movies, reading magazines or being a general Internet junkie.
You can follow my blog at or follow me on twitter.

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