Midnight Memories Has Leaked

This is not a drill.

One Direction’s third album, Midnight Memories, has leaked one week before it’s official release date (everything to do with those boys leaks, it’s quite hilarious). For about five minutes I pretended I was going to wait for the official release but then my download finished and I started crying.


My favourite songs so far are Through The Dark, Happily, and Don’t Forget Where You Belong, but I’m actually yet to find a song I don’t like.

As promised, their sound has changed, and there’s lots of folksy vibes to the album. Another description I’m hearing a lot is “Eighties” which to me means “absolutely addictive beautiful sing at the top of your lungs songs”.

The homoerotic subtext is everywhere, too. Just listen to the chorus of Happily and tell me there’s not a deeper meaning to those lyrics. Just try.

I’ll be back with a more coherent review when I’ve stopped crying/screaming/fangirling so hard I fall off my bed.

Here’s hoping an Australian leg of the Where We Are tour gets announced, like now, so we can scream these songs live like they were totally designed for.

frangipani princess xoxo

Gig Review: Olly Murs

English singer-songwriter Olly Murs recently hit our shores on his first Australian tour much to my excitement. After missing out on tickets to his first Sydney show at The Star Event Centre, I was able to get some for his much smaller performance at the Metro. And I am so glad I did.


The show, and boy, was it a whole show, was fantastic. Olly was energetic the whole night; he so entertaining with his cheeky dance moves and hilarious interactions with the audience. The Metro, which is fast becoming my favourite venue, was great for this as it made it all the more intimate, making his cute flirtatious comments all the more charming. Olly continually mentioned the attractiveness of Australian girls, calling other girls “average” in comparison and this adorable flirting was only encouraged by the screaming fans.

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I’m Back

After taking a couple of weeks to clear my brain and focus on my exams, it’s time to return to blogging.

So what happened while I was away?

  • I got an internship writing news for Mugglenet, which makes my fandom writing dreams come true
  • One Direction released a new single that made me cry (so just another day in my fangirl life)
  • I saw One Direction in concert…twice, and it was as perfect as you’d expect it to be
  • Supernatural Season Nine kicked off, and has made me cry in four out of five episodes
  • I got hooked on American Horror Story: Coven
  • And became totally obsessed with Bad Education (The fact there’s only twelve episodes is a travesty)
  • McFly and Busted have joined forces for a super McBusted 2014 UK Tour and once again I’m left crying in the corner because nothing cool ever happens in Australia
  • A stupid band that nobody cares about broke up and it definitely didn’t break my heart into a thousand shattered pieces that will never be put back together because you’re brothers and you can’t just break up like that. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!!!!! People change and promises are broken, but this is the bottom line it’s true, I gave my all for you now my heart’s in two and I can’t find the other half. It’s like I’m walking on broken glass, better believe I bled. I’m never going to get over this, so you can probably expect a lot more posts about this horrible betrayal by my favourite band.
  • It was announced that the staff of two of my favourite magazines, DOLLY and Cleo, are being merged which on one hand is exciting but on the other hand is a depressing look at the lack of jobs that will exist in the media industry by the time I graduate

I finish Uni for the year on Friday, so stay tuned for reviews, interviews, and more of my usual rambling attempts at being a serious blogger.

frangipani princess xoxo

Gig Review: SlimeFest

(AKA Meeting Big Time Rush and Avoiding Actually Being Slimed)

I spent Friday hanging out at Nickelodeon’s SlimeFest with my brother, Jack. I was super excited because:

a) I totally love Nickelodeon

b) It was finally a festival themed line-up that included artists I’d actually want to see

c) Big Time Rush, aka my third favourite boy band in the whole entire world (behind The Jonas Brothers and One Direction), were going to be there.

Photo 27-09-2013 2 37 25 pm

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Watch: George Blagden Covers I’ll Follow You Into The Dark

George Blagden (aka Grantaire in the Les Mis Movie) will absolutely steal your heart with this rendition of Death Cab For Cutie’s “I’ll Follow You Into The Dark”.

This is the soundtrack for all of the E/R shippers out there (that would be Enjolras/Grantaire aka the Les Mis OTP to end all OTPs), and Mr. Blagden caters to our fangirl souls by changing the lyrics so they directly reference the heartbreaking pair.

Hot guy + singing + playing guitar + referencing fandom = everything you could ever want in a two and a half minute video.

frangipani princess xoxo

Fangirl Friday: Songs For Fangirl Souls

There comes a time in every fangirl’s life when something breaks your heart (and by “comes a time” I obviously mean “every single day”). It often feels like the rest of the world doesn’t understand the utter pain (and joy) that can come from fangirling, but luckily there are a few songs that speak to our soul. Here are my top three songs that totally get what being a fangirl is all about.

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A Zerrie Wedding

Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards are engaged. I mean, I knew they were serious when he got her face tattooed on his arm, but I didn’t expect him to put a ring on it quite this quickly.

One Direction: This Is Us 3D - World Premiere - Inside Arrivals

I think they’re a super cute couple and deserve all the happiness in the world, but I can’t help but feel that this is badly timed. They’re only twenty (TWENTY), and One Direction have the next year (at least) fully packed with international tours, plus Perrie has her own crazy schedule with Little Mix…let’s just say I don’t expect a trip down the aisle any time soon. That said, when you already have an amazing career, loads of money, and a house at twenty (unlike me, who will be in crippling debt and living in a shoebox when my next birthday roles around), why wait if you’re as madly in love as this pair seem to be?!


As I’m too busy wallowing in the fact that I’ll never be engaged to a boybander, you can head over to Sugarscape for more in-depth coverage (including the cute audio of Perrie’s mum confirming the engagement).

frangipani princess xoxo