Links To Start Your Week

I’m starting a new job this week, and so time available for posting will be significantly declined. In lieu of all the posts I’d ideally like to get up this week (I will get some posted, promise), have some links:

Have a great week!

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I’m Back

After taking a couple of weeks to clear my brain and focus on my exams, it’s time to return to blogging.

So what happened while I was away?

  • I got an internship writing news for Mugglenet, which makes my fandom writing dreams come true
  • One Direction released a new single that made me cry (so just another day in my fangirl life)
  • I saw One Direction in concert…twice, and it was as perfect as you’d expect it to be
  • Supernatural Season Nine kicked off, and has made me cry in four out of five episodes
  • I got hooked on American Horror Story: Coven
  • And became totally obsessed with Bad Education (The fact there’s only twelve episodes is a travesty)
  • McFly and Busted have joined forces for a super McBusted 2014 UK Tour and once again I’m left crying in the corner because nothing cool ever happens in Australia
  • A stupid band that nobody cares about broke up and it definitely didn’t break my heart into a thousand shattered pieces that will never be put back together because you’re brothers and you can’t just break up like that. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!!!!! People change and promises are broken, but this is the bottom line it’s true, I gave my all for you now my heart’s in two and I can’t find the other half. It’s like I’m walking on broken glass, better believe I bled. I’m never going to get over this, so you can probably expect a lot more posts about this horrible betrayal by my favourite band.
  • It was announced that the staff of two of my favourite magazines, DOLLY and Cleo, are being merged which on one hand is exciting but on the other hand is a depressing look at the lack of jobs that will exist in the media industry by the time I graduate

I finish Uni for the year on Friday, so stay tuned for reviews, interviews, and more of my usual rambling attempts at being a serious blogger.

frangipani princess xoxo

Lazy Links

Apologies for not blogging, yada yada, have some links. 

My parents are paying for my accommodation in Sydney (definitely appreciating that while it lasts!) but I am aware of how crazy expensive real estate in major cities can be. Case in point? Six castles that cost less than an apartment in NYC and seven private islands that cost less than a flat in London. [Buzzfeed]

 I like words. Words are cool. Here’s a list of words that describe incredibly specific things (for example, did you know Erinaceous means pertaining to, or resembling a hedgehog? Yeah, neither did I.)… [Hello Giggles]

…and just because I read the list and need someone to share in my pain, twenty-nine totally gross sounding English words . [Thought Catalog]

I’ve recently started watching Breaking Bad (I know I’m five years behind everyone else, shush), so I’m glad I can now appreciate things like Bryan Cranston reading his favourite erotic fan mail out loud on television. [Buzzfeed] 

One Direction are officially in Australia (cue hysterics), so why not take this easy quiz to determine which member is your soul mate (and therefore the one you should be stalking)? [Buzzfeed]

This list of the twenty three very important things Harry Styles did at London Fashion Week is the one thing you definitely have to read this week. [Buzzfeed]

My brother has Down Syndrome, and so this beautiful story of a teenage girl with Down Syndrome who became a model for a US clothing company made me cry. Even if you can’t personally relate like me, it will definitely warm your heart. [Buzzfeed]

On a similar note, there’s nothing like a list of heartwarming acts of kindness to put a huge smile on your face. [Thought Catalog]

If, like me, you cry thinking about fictional characters, you will probably relate to this list of signs indicating you have way too many feelings. [Thought Catalog]

This is an interesting read on why JK Rowling needs to let the Harry Potter universe go, instead of desperately clutching to it like some people believe she is. I’m all for more content, but then again, the more she reveals, the more my (totally perfect) headcanons are destroyed – Wolfstar, I’m looking at you. [Thought Catalog]

Coming Of Age novels are one of my personal favourite genres, and I will admit to totally adoring The Catcher In The Rye (and wearing a shirt that says “Holden Caulfield Thinks You’re A Phony” more often than I need to). However, if you’re one of the vocal group who really, really hate The Catcher In The Rye, here’s a list of twelve supposedly better novels in the genre (I say supposedly because I actually haven’t read any of them – but am adding them all to my Must Read list right now). [FlavorWire]

I have recently become a nanny to three children under the age of five, and so I have had the opportunity to revisit a lot of my favourite kids books. I loved being read to as a kid, and I know the kids I look after love it as well, and so this list of the 50 books every parent (and nanny!) should read to their children is definitely being saved in my bookmarks. [FlavorWire]

Working out is one of those things in life that I know I should do, but I just really can’t be bothered (especially when we live in a world with so many tv shows to watch [what do you mean my gym has usb connections to watch shows as you work out? shush]). I would be more tempted, however, if someone were to buy me one of these awesome fandom themed gym-shirts. [Buzzfeed] 

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Friday Link Roundup

To excuse my horrible non-blogging this week, have some links.

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Tuesday Link Round-Up

Here’s what I’ve been reading/watching/obsessing over in the past 24hrs.

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