Joe Jonas Releases Name Of First Single

At Wango Tango today Joe Jonas revealed that his first single, dropping at the beginning of June, would be titled ‘See No More’.

His full album is rumoured to be released in early September . He’s rumoured to be doing a solo tour this summer as well, though there have been no official confirmations of this .

I have mixed feelings about his solo album and single. I love Joe with all of my heart, I really do, but I have a feeling he’s trying too hard to shake his Disney image with all of it. Like, a collaboration with Chris Brown? Really, Joe? The Joe I love raps about the Muffin Man and Jackets for laughs, not on actual songs to try and be serious. His whole image re-shake and new sound and everything make me sad in a way. I know he missed out on a lot of his childhood, and it must have been hard trying to be this perfect Disney golden boy all the time, but if he’s not careful, he could begin to lose some of the respect he and his brothers have worked so hard to gain.

All of that said, I will forever love he and his brothers, whether they’re together or solo, whether they’re creating club music, or songs for Disney soundtracks. They will always have a large place in my heart. And I’m still waiting for that tour confirmation, boys.

No word on when the single is being released here, but it should be soon after the USA.

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A Trip Down (Fangirl) Memory Lane

For a long time, the only thing I fangirled over on this blog was The Jonas Brothers. Gosh, I loved those boys so much. I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on magazines that featured them, I filled my walls with over 200 of their posters, I memorised all the words to every song they had ever recorded, I learnt every detail of their life and would relate everything back to them, just everything was Jonas and nothing hurt. For two years, they were the focus of my every waking moment.
But as tour after tour neglected Australia, and the boys decided to take some time to focus on individual projects, my intense passion for them dimmed. I still loved them with my entire heart, but it was time for me to discover new things to fangirl over. I made room in my obsessions for Team Starkid, for Doctor Who, for more Harry Potter.

In preparation for a potential announcement the Jonas fans of Australia (yes, we still exist, we’ve just been taken over by the Beliebers) are praying will happen tomorrow, I decided to post a few of my JB ‘Favourites’.
Epic Interview:
Move On: 
Black Keys:
Hold On:
“Live like you’re at the bottom, even if you’re at the top.”
“Yo, that’s illogical, I can’t have it.”
“Sometimes the only way to win is to die trying.”
I could keep going, but if I go any further I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to stop. These boys mean everything to me and I’m never going to stop being a fan. People have always made fun of me for loving them as much as I do, even at the height of their fame they weren’t as socially acceptable as Justin Bieber is, but when something is so important to you, you can’t let haters get you down. They are the greatest role models, amazing singers and are just generally hilarious. Even when I’m in the worst mood, they can make me laugh and instantly lift my mood. I will never stop loving them. Ever.
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Even Fangirls Have Priorities

Today in class we got talking about who we would travel anywhere to see. We all know I’m a total fangirl for just about everything, but there are levels to my loves. For example:

James and Oliver Phelps are going to be in Sydney this weekend and I’m not going to see them. On the other hand, if it had been Danrad or Tom Felton I would have traveled anywhere. 
Stellar Kart were in Australia last weekend but they were playing somewhere random so I didn’t to the concert. If it had been the Jonas Brothers I would have been there in a heartbeat.
– I really like Katy Perry but couldn’t be bothered spending money to go to her concert. If Tsweezy announced a performance I’d do anything to get money to go.  
– I’d love to see someone like Sterling Knight in person, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see him. If Team Starkid even came close to Australia I’d be by their side as fast as I could.
– Meeting Victoria Justice would be pretty cool, but I’d be more likely to spend my hard-earned cash flying around Australia to get a chance to talk to Selena Gomez
See what I mean? I love so many celebrities but I prioritise when it comes to having the opportunity to see them. I’ve actually only ever seen Tsweezy live and came nowhere near being able to meet her. Supernova in a few weeks will be my first chance to meet a celebrity crush (and convince him to dump Jade and run away with me). 
One day I’ll be able to devote my life to chasing all my celebrity crushes around the globe, but for now I guess I’ll have to make do with crossing my fingers (and toes) that they come to Australia at times not including exam-weeks and I have the money and parental permission to go. 

How would you prioritise your celebrity crush meeting opportunities?

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Frangi Faith: Interview With Christa Black

I first heard about Christa Black when I was in my full on Hardcore Jonas Fangirl mode. I had to know everything about everyone who had anything to do with them, and as she was the violin player in their band, I started following her on twitter and reading her blog religiously. After reading a few of her posts I discovered I loved her for who she was more than her job description and became a massive fan. She has recently released a book and has been kind enough to answer some questions for Frangi Faith. Read on for what she thinks of God, Love, Sex and touring with The Jonas Brothers.

Frangipani Princess (FP): Have you always been a Christian?
Christa Black (CB):The term ‘Christian’ has such a bad wrap these days. I like to call myself a God-follower who just happens to think Jesus hung the moon. Literally. (:
I was raised in a Christian home, but even though I got baptized as a baby and said a little prayer as a kid, I definitely wasn’t too keen on Jesus Christ—especially in my rebellious teenage years. I think because I had a close-up look at all that’s wrong in churches (my Daddy is a pastor), I equated mean, judgmental Christians with God and wanted nothing to do with either parties.
It wasn’t until I realized that a lot of the so-called ‘Christian behavior’ I was experiencing had very little to do with who God really was and is. It wasn’t until I met the real Him—unconditional love—that I decided to throw my heart in, hook, line, and sinker. (I mean, who doesn’t want to be unconditionally loved all the time??)
FP: Have you had a defining moment in your faith?
CB: I’ve had more than I can count.
The thing with God is, He’s always got more for us—so there are endless amounts of surprises and defining moments.
The first thing that comes to mind was the time I was walking around London with a group of friends, and I stepped off of a staircase and twisted my ankle. Badly. I tried to play it cool by biting my lip to help the excruciating pain, but as the size of my ankle expanded beneath my sock, and purple and black began to show through the skin, I knew I was in trouble. A friend of mine (one of those awesome, crazy Christians who actually believes the Bible) said, “Well, let’s just pray for it right now.”
So sitting in Harrods café, amongst the grandeur of all that is London, we gathered a few curious gazes and chuckled comments as we bowed our heads to pray. I really wasn’t expecting anything to happen (I mean, don’t you just pray as a formality because you’re supposed to?), but suddenly, the shooting pain coursing through my foot disappeared. I looked down in shock to see that the swelling and bruising was gone in an instant, and as crazy as it sounds, a miracle had happened.We spent the rest of the day traipsing all over London—and I skipped a few times with my brand-new ankle.
FP :What is your favourite thing about being a Christian?
CB: My favorite thing about God is that I’m never alone. Ever. If you know me at all, you know I love to talk, and I always have someone to talk to who just happens to be the wisest, most gentle, most compassionate, most patient, most intelligent being in the universe.
Oh, and I like the fact that I’m constantly loved all the time. You get kind of addicted to being loved that completely. Once you get a drink—it’s a bit hard to stop coming back for more. (:
FP: Is there anything you would like non-Christians to know about the Christian faith? Any misconceptions you need to clear up?
CB: Good grief, where do I start? Christians have done such a terrible job of representing the God of the universe—and I’m just as much to blame as anyone else.
I’ve come to realize, we give away what’s inside of us. That’s why, more than anything, I know I need to actually RECEIVE love in order to then love God and love others. I need to RECEIVE forgiveness in order to then forgive God and forgive others.
For years, I was giving away what I had in my heart—and because I had pain, bitterness, negativity, and self-hatred inside—it’s exactly what I gave away. I got to the point where the junk inside of me was destroying me (and devastating those around me), and I needed help. I needed to be loved into wholeness.
I stayed away from God because I believed He was looking down from His throne, ready to prod me with a lightening bolt anytime I messed up. I didn’t understand this very basic truth: That there is NOTHING that could make God love me any more…or any less…than He already does.
Unconditional love means just that—unconditional. It means….you can’t earn it. (:
That kind of love makes me run TO Him—not from Him.
I could go on and on and on here, but I better stop myself.
FP: Music plays a very important role in your life. How did you first become involved with it?
CB: Well, I started singing and playing violin before I was even potty trained, so I can’t remember a time when music wasn’t involved. I did musical theater, choir, orchestra—anything I could.
I moved to Nashville after college after a publishing company had heard some songs that I had written. They wanted to work with me—the deal fell through—but it got me to Nashville and got my foot in the door. After that, I got a gig with Jennifer Knapp, then Michael W. Smith. I started writing songs with people, doing my own music, eventually touring with the Jonas Brothers last year.
It’s a crazy life, but it’s definitely never boring!
FP: What is the highlight of touring with the Jonas Brothers?
CB: The catering! Kidding. Well, sort of. We had a juicer with a big bowl of fruits and veggies and John Taylor and I would juice every day. I love to juice, but hate cleaning up the juicer. It was awesome to have someone cleaning up after you all the time. (haha).
I loved the travel. I loved getting to play all the late-night talk shows. I loved how every day was different and there was always something crazy that would happen during the concerts. It was an adventure, all the way around, with a lot of stories and memories that will never be forgotten. Definitely an honor to play with one of the biggest touring acts in the world.
FP: What was your favourite song to perform with them?
CB: My favorite song was ‘Much Better.’ I’m an 80’s kid and it felt 80’s to me. That was my favorite song to listen to, but my favorite song to perform was probably ‘B B Good.’ I got to play Nick’s flying V guitar, which was super rock-n-roll…and the song had a great 50’s feel. Those boys know how to write a catchy song, that’s for sure!
FP: Did you ever witness or experience any especially crazy fan moments?
CB: Every single day.
I think the Latin fans were the craziest, most passionate, most insane fans (and I say that as a compliment). We’d drive into stadiums and they’d rock our buses back and forth like teeder todders. One time in Argentina, the fans broke the police barricade and surrounded our buses. I think I have a video of it on my youtube page. We laughed so hard our sides hurt.One time in Mexico city, a girl pushed her way into my room yelling, ‘Where are they? Where are they?’ I had to physically push her out of my room while saying, ‘Girl, seriously. Do you think I’m hiding Nick under my bed??’
Yep, there were several insane fan moments.
FP: What is the song you’ve written that means the most to you?
CB: Definitely “God Loves Ugly.” It’s the song that’s closest to my heart and describes my healing more than anything else. It’s also the song that both Jordin Sparks and Natasha Bedingfield wanted to record…and the songs that I get more emails about. There’s something powerful about releasing your raw, unedited story—especially where people can relate to it.
Not sure I’ll ever get tired of singing this song.
FP: What made you want to initially share your story on your blog, and then by writing a book?
CB: I think the best way to hold onto the freedom you’ve been given is to give it away. It’s like that with anything in life. I didn’t just get free for myself. How selfish would that be? I got free to share what I’ve received with anyone and everyone going through the same struggles.
I find, also, that my freedom gets solidified even more as I teach. It’s powerful to hear the truths you live by over and over.
The first show I had with the Jonas Brothers, I looked out at that beautiful crowd of 50,000 screaming girls and thought to myself, “If only I could tell you what I’ve been through—maybe you wouldn’t have to go through it.” I basically decided to take everything I wish someone had told me as a young woman and put it into book form.
I wish someone had told me that a lot of my belief system was defined from hurts and trauma in my life, and that in order to change my behaviors, I had to get healed. I wish someone had told me I didn’t have to be an emotional rollercoaster all the time. I wish someone had told me how to get free from addictions and depression. I wish someone had given me the raw, sometimes painful truth. If they had, I might have avoided years of heartache.
My heart cry is that those who read this book might find life in the truths I’ve found—sometimes the hard way.
FP: How did you and your husband meet?
CB: We met at a coffee shop in Nashville.
He shook my hand, got really awkward, and left in a rush. I found out later he called his mother and his best friend and let them know…he had just met the girl he was going to spend the rest of his life with. (:
FP: On your blog, you devoted a few posts to sex. How do you feel about teen and pre-marital sex?
CB: Sex, sex, sex. The hot topic of the world is sex.
Sex is A LOT of fun. Of course it is! It was created to be a lot of fun! Our culture is obsessed with instant gratification and pleasure. But pleasure and satisfaction are INFINITELY different in their definitions. We think because we’re finding pleasure, we’re being satisfied. But is a girl really satisfied after the guy she just had sex with walks out the door? From my experience, and from the friends and people I’ve talked to…the answer is almost always, ‘No.’
So yesterday, I was flipping channels. Everyone and their dog seems to know what the show Jersey Shore is about but me, so I thought I’d watch an episode (and oh my gosh it was like a train wreck. I was in such shock I couldn’t look away!)The particular episode I stumbled upon was one where the 2 guys in the house had found ‘wife material’ and proceeded to tell the cameras that, ‘these girls weren’t girls to just bring home and bang….they were girls you wanted to bring home to your mom. They were wife material.” There was another girl in the house they referred to as the ‘Staten Island Ferry’ because ‘Everyone gets a ride and it’s free.’ None of the guys respected this girl. They didn’t respect the girls they brought home to sleep with. But when they found a wife material, they didn’t want her to come home and sleep with them—and they definitely didn’t want her going out and doing it with anyone else.
I just find it very interesting that ‘love’ and ‘sex’ seem to be interchanged in our society—and yet, they couldn’t be more opposite things.
Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 8 from my book on the topic:
“Sex and love are not the same thing. They are vastly different in their definitions, yet in our culture, the two seem to get thrown into the same pot and used interchangeably. If I could have, I’m positive I would have given away a whole lot of sex while looking for a whole lot of love in the early years—hoping to feel some sort of connection with anyone who would take me. But if I’d used sex like a worm on a hook to
try and catch love, I would have consistently come up short. I’ve been the strong shoulder of many friends—crying their eyes out in agony over giving themselves to someone who disappeared after they got what they wanted in the bedroom.
Inside the parameters of love, sex is unsurpassable. It brings two people closer together than they ever could have imagined. But it doesn’t create love. It enhances it.
There is such a thing as sex without love. It happens every day all over the world, but for whatever reason, this wasn’t something that was ever of interest to me in my adult years. I didn’t see the worth in getting physically naked with someone before I got emotionally and spiritually naked with that person. In fact, giving someone my body before I had time to figure out if they were worth getting involved with seemed unwise to one already so tattered. I found it hard to believe that my heart could stay unattached while doing something so unbelievably intimate, and I definitely couldn’t see how confusing my emotions prematurely would help at all to decipher whether or not this person was someone I wanted to do life with.
Most people think of sex as something they do with just their bodies. They view it as harmless and innocent—something you do when you want to feel good and have a good time. But the body isn’t the only thing involved when two people are having sex. The heart is always affected in some way, even unconsciously, because the heart and soul are affected by every single thing that we do. Many people think the heart is something that can be turned on and off like a light switch—simply forgotten in this passionate act. Your heart can numb over time, hardening with each meaningless give-away, but I don’t believe it can ever be turned off completely.
I wouldn’t want it to.
Protecting and treasuring your heart and soul doesn’t mean you need to become a nun. It doesn’t mean you need to lock on your iron chastity belt and throw away the key. It just means you need to be aware of the wealth that is inside of you, and that every time you choose to let your heart be captivated by the gaze of another, it’s your job alone to make sure that they are someone worthy of holding your most precious possession. In order for you to flourish, the person you entrust your heart with has to be someone who wants to see it flourish as much as you do, and vise versa.
Take a deep, long look inside of yourself and see the worth, the gold, the potential, and the unique creativity that makes up you.
And then feel empowered to be extremely picky in choosing the person you hand your gold over to.”
FP: When you were younger, you have shared that you suffered from an eating disorder. How has this affected your life? Do you think it has helped you become the person you are today?
CB: Absolutely. I would never be the person I am today if I hadn’t gone through everything I’ve been through. It’s bittersweet, because I wouldn’t change anything, but I don’t want anyone else having to go through the hell I endured. I know my strength comes from my past, but I know people just as strong who haven’t been through the tragedy I’ve experienced. My goal with this book is to
help people avoid the potholes I hit—and find some shortcuts out of the valleys of life.
FP:What are your plans for the future? Can we expect more music, more books, more tours?
CB: Absolutely.
The plan is to go on the road this year as much as possible—touring, speaking, singing. It’s exciting finally getting to set my own schedule and do my own tour. After 9 years of touring with other artists, it’ll be fun to do my own tour.
Christa’s book, God Loves Ugly, is available now from and ships worldwide. You can also find her on tumblr at or on  twitter at
A massive thanks again to Christa for agreeing to this interview, and for sharing her inspirational story with the world.
frangipani princess xoxo 

’10 Obsessions

Yes, it really is that time of year again. The time for me to compile a list of all the things that have had me flailing like the complete fangirl I am this year. If you want to see how these obsessions have evolved over the years, you can check here, here and here, otherwise read on!

Harry Potter. Oh gosh, this was a big one this year. I read the entire series twice and had a seven month long movie marathon with Toong. Then, of course, a few weeks ago the seventh movie came out and there was all the anticipation and epicness that surrounded its release. I also began to obsess more over the cast of the movies this year too. How did I ever live before Tom Felton was nearly at the top of my castle list, Emma Watson was one of my ultimate girl-crushes, Helena Bonham-Carter was pretty much topping my favourite actors list and Alan Rickman was the guy old enough to be my grandpa but still kinda creepily attractive? Everything about Harry Potter is just epic. Actually, I take that back. Everything about Harry Potter minus the epilogue from hell is epic. It helps make friendships, fill awkward silences, bring people together…It truly is the greatest series on earth.

Team Starkid. It’s weird to think that there was a time in my life when “I can’t go to Pigfarts, it’s on Mars” wasn’t a regular statement in my conversations, before I knew all Draco wanted was a rocketship and Hermione Granger, when Snape and Lupin were just enemies instead of Butt Trumpets, before I knew that Harry Potter loves Zefron the most and when I had no idea that Hufflepuff’s were particularly good finders. Team Starkid came into my life quite randomly in Febuary and totally took over it. After first watching “A Very Potter Musical”, I proceeded to get all my friends hooked and then we waited with bated breath for “A Very Potter Sequel” in July. To help ease the wait we became obsessed with the stars Joe Walker, Joey Richter, Lauren Lopez, Tyler Brunsman, Jaime-Lyn Beatty, Bonnie Grueson, Joe Moses, Nick and Matt Lang, Dylan Saunders, Richard Campbell, Julia Albain, Lily Marks, Brian Rosenthall, Brian Holden, Jim Povolo, Britney Coleman and of course Darren Criss (Fangirled over some more than others but I love them all insane amonts), downloaded all the songs and began singing them constantly, watched MAMD, constantly quoted all our favourite lines… Obsessed is probably an understatement to how I am toward Starkid. The have a new show Starship coming out in February. If someone wants to buy me a plane ticket to Chicago, I’m not objecting.

Fanfiction. It started innocently enough, I was home with a broken leg and bored out of my brain and just decided to harmlessly click on a link. Once I read that first fic, there was no going back, especially after I discovered my bff eternally loved them too. Soon I was a woman obsessed, reading fics pretty much everytime I got on the computer. It started with just Harry Potter, but then soon became Merlin and the occasional Dr Who fic too. If you want recs or links to my faves feel free to ask. 
Fanfiction also helped lead to my next point…

Shipping. If you’d asked me a year ago what shipping was I likely would have looked at you blankly. I now ship hardcore. Draco and Harry were my first. After reading a few Drarry fics I became enlightened to the fact that they freaking belong together. Then I realised that Draco also fit well with Hermione. Toong then pointed Merlin out to me and helped me discover that he and Arthur were practically canon. And so it went on. I also discovered the opposite to shipping, which is hating canon couples with an intense passion. I mean, Ginny and Harry?! Seriously JK, you may as well have put him with Colin Creevey.

Disney. Nothing new here. Still as obsessed with everything Disney as I always have been, although I think my love of original disney and Disney Princesses has increased this year. They’re just so amazing.

Jonas Brothers. I am never ever going to stop loving these three boys. Ever.

Taylor Swift. I saw her in concert in February and my love for her has only increased since. I have no idea how I could ever hate her (actually, yes I do, but anyway) and am so glad I came to my senses. Her music is pretty much the soundtrack to my (and every other teen girl’s) life. Speak Now is constantly on repeat and if she neglects to add us to the end of her Speak Now world tour next year, someone may die. Also, if she comes and I don’t get to meet her…It won’t be pleasant.

Merlin. I had seen ads for Merlin for a while but never really felt the need to watch it. Then one night I got a text (or a tweet?) from toong telling me that Merlin and Arthur had just as much, if not more, chemistry than Harry and Draco and were pretty much her new favourite slash pair and the show was hilarious and I needed to start watching right that instant. So I did, and it was love. I’m even watching season one in French here to get my craving. My friend Monika totally ruined season three for me yesterday though, but I guess I’ll get over it by the time I can actually watch it. It’s just so funny and Colin (Merlin) and Bradley (Arthur) are so hot and do have intense chemistry and just everything about it makes me obsessed.

Dr Who. I always made fun of Quack for liking Dr Who. As in, laughed hysterically at her and made comments about it’s utter weirdness and stupidity. I only knew that there was something called a TARDIS in it, and then what I discovered from the song quack made up on the bus to the Melbourne show in year eight that went something like this to the tune of American Pie:
“My, my it’s that Doctor guy, he’s got lots of companions and enemies too. And all of the monsters he beats easily saying ‘exterminate, exterminate’.” Yes, she was that cool at fourteen.
Anyway, this year I came home from work one Sunday night and my dad was watching it. I sat down to eat my dinner and began to watch and found myself actually intruiged. This Doctor guy was funny! Of course, my first episode happened to be one of the Weeping Angels ones (nightmares forever, I’m telling you. Hannah and I became convinced that the angels at Notre Dame were going to kill us when we visited there at night…) and as I not only tuned in half way through a season but at a point years and years and years into a series, I had no idea what was happening. Thankfully a quick google and conversation with my sub-bff cleared most things up (River Song (is that even her name?) still confuses the hell out of me) and now I’m almost as addicted as Quack.

Tumblr. I have no idea what I did with my life before Tumblr. None at all. It makes it so easy to kill hours and hours and hours of time although one major side effect is getting weird looks after crying and/or falling off your chair from laughing too hard at it’s sheer hilarity. While I’m by no means a tumblr celebrity (120 followers. Some of them have over 5000), I still have lots of fun and love my followers to bits. I’m followed by dumbledoreisabamf (pretty much one of the biggest harry potter loving tumblr celebs out there) and totally have a mini fangirl every time he likes or reblogs something from me, or when I’m checking my followers and see his name. Dammit. Fangirl seshs within obsessions. Sometimes even I begin to worry I take things too far 😛

Twitter. Nothing new but nonetheless I’m as obsessed as ever. Damn it’s capability to make stalking creeping people so easy. I never had any hopes against it’s amazing powers…

Magazines. My love for everything glossy has only continued to grow this year. I went back to Dolly (and loved it just as much as the first time, then proceeded to book two weeks next year) and went to Girlfriend for the first time (and then booked another week for next year). I also found myself within the pages of Girlfriend, Disney Adventures and Young Hot and Famous magazine, as well as scoring myself a gig as the Teen Review on Girl With A Satchel. I have been suffering from withdrawals after being away from their amazingness for so long, but this year has been filled with such glossy goodness, I just know next year will be too.

The Hunger Games. I had seen a vast percentage of the people I follow on tumblr raving about this series, so in a moment of extreme boredom I ordered the trilogy box set from Amazon and had it sent to me. I couldn’t put it down. While Mockingjay, the final book, is an epic letdown, the first two have just the right mix of romance and action to keep you interested. Apparently a movie is in the making. I don’t know if I’m going to love it or hate it, but I do know that I really, really enjoyed the books.

One Tree Hill. I have always been an OC girl. Always. And then I broke my leg and my friend Mal decided that it would be a perfect time for me to watch her OTH dvds. I obliged as I had nothing better to do with my time and soon found myself completely and utterly obsessed. From the Peyton – Lucas – Brooke love triangle, to Hayley and Nathan’s epic high school romance, to evil psycho Dan, I was hooked. I’m still only half way through season five (and totally left Mal’s dvds at my house in Australia when I came. Whoops.) but I’ve been watching some of season seven here, and let’s say pretty much everything changes so I can’t wait to catch up and be filled in on what happens.

My Friends. Yes, I am obsessed with my friends, especially this year as I’ve had to leave most of them for so long. My friends are some of the kindest, nicest, most totally awesome people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They never, ever fail to make me laugh, put up with me (and join in!) when I’m in a total fangirl mood, lie in the dirt and sing Harry Potter songs at parites with me, cheer me up whenever I’m sad and just generally are there for me. I’m going to write a sentence or two on my friends back home now because I miss them all so much, but feel free to skip if you want.
I swear my best friend, Toong, is pretty much my twin and it’s weird to think I’ve only known her for almost four years when it feels like a lifetime. I miss our supi trips, our non-participation in pe, our singalongs over skype, our fangirling via text messages, our seven month long movie marathons… I don’t care what my parents say, the first thing I do when I get home is going to visit her.
Quack, my sub-bff, is one of the craziest girls I have ever known and never fails to make me laugh when she declares things like her absolute determination to become a knight. We hated each other for so long and it makes me sad that I wasted so much time when I could have been much happier as her friend.
Ell, the fourth marauder, is hilarious. We’ve been friends for years even though she’s in a year below me. She’s doing the same exchange as I’m on now next year, and I can’t wait to give her lots of advice.
Tam and Belle and my Melbourne friends and even though we only get to see each other a few times a year I don’t hesitate in calling them two of my absolute best friends. We met at music camp (Tam and I played the flute. This one time, at band camp…) and memories of being sent to the laundry (punishment) for singing the mysterious ticking noise will never, ever fail to make me laugh hysterically.
It’s weird to think I only met Britt at the start of this year. We’re crazily similar (and totally don’t fangirl in the back of elective history. Not at all mum, we would never do that) and she gets on amazingly well with Toong and Quack. Our trips to the movies are lots of fun and I can’t wait to get back to “IMPENDING DOOM” with her (inside joke).
My other friends from my new school are rather epic as well. When they heard I was a bit sad over here one day, a few of them organised everyone in my class to write me a little message and then they emailed it to me. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen with my friendships after I came here as I hadn’t known them for very long, but they’ve proven to me just how much of a good friendship we have.
My childhood friends, Emily and Laura, are pretty cool. Laura and I had a fight earlier this year, but now we’ve made up and I couldn’t be happier. She was my best friend from ages 8-14 and we have so many crazy memories to share. Em was my first ever best friend, and even now, sixteen years later, I can still rely on her for advice or just general silliness whenever.
I bet I’ve forgotten someone really important, and if I have, I’m super sorry. Just know I still love you.

Here’s to another year of total obsessed fangirl-ness!

frangipani princess xoxo

Fangirl Friday – Disney Edition

If you’re a new reader of FP, I have something shocking to let you know:
I’m quite possibly one of the biggest Disney fangirls in Australia. 
I know, I know, I should have let you know sooner. Dropped in more JB and other Disney Stars amongst my recent Harry Potter, Team Starkid and general whiny posts. Obsessed over the new season of JONAS (which, honestly, I am yet to watch. I’ve been so busy and it eats up so much internet). Teenied out over Cambio. But I haven’t. To make up for this depressing fact, I’ve decided to devote this edition of Fangirl Friday to all things Disney + Music. 

Mulan is quite possibly my favourite Disney cartoon movie. The music in it is amazing, and Darren Criss does an epic cover of my favourite song from it. The storyline is also super cute; who doesn’t love dragons and cross-dressers?

I’ll Make A Man Out Of You is one damn catchy song. Oh, and did you know Mulan was an actual person? The things you learn in elective history…

The Lion King:
The original tear-jerking but super adorable disney flick. I haven’t seen it in years, but it never fails to make me sob and laugh hysterically (at different times, of course). When I was younger, my favourite karaoke song (yes, I was cool enough to have Disney karaoke) was I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, so here it is:

Simbaa is my legit. animal crush. 

I was at a party last week and we were playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ (with straight cordail, of course, we’re good girls). Someone said ‘never have I ever been in love with a cartoon character’ and I had to drink so badly, because Aladdin is pretty much the sexiest cartoon I have ever seen. He looks like Joe Jonas, not even kidding. Aladdin was another movie I hadn’t seen since, you know, I was the actual age that these flicks are aimed at, but it was recently on DC and I remembered why it was definitely one of my favourites. 

This song is definitely my favourite in the whole movie (yes, even over A Whole New World) – it’s got the perfect mix of action and catchy lyrics. 

The Jonas Brothers:
It wouldn’t be a Disney fangirl post if I didn’t show my love for them now, would it? You pretty much know all about my crazy obsession with these three gorgeous boys – a love that has gone on for two and a half years now and shows no signs of stopping. Here’s a clip of a song from their new show JONAS L.A:

So darn sexy. So darn catchy. Oh, and random Stella shots = Joella teenie squeals. I love them ❤

Other Disney Stars:
‘Cos you know, I’m obsessed with them too. Here’s Send It On:

They’re all so perfect. 

I love a good cheesy flick, especially when it involves random fan and famous star falling in love (it’s going to happen, ok?!) , so when the DCOM Starstruck starring the ever so delicious Sterling Knight premiered, it was love at first sight. Yes, it has a predictable storyline, but it’s so feel good and the music is beyond awesome.

Sterling doesn’t actually sing ‘his’ songs, I believe, but who cares, he looks super hot pretending too. 

Is that enough fangirling for one day? I can never fangirl enough, especially over Disney, but I understand that there is a line, and not all of you share my passion, so I probably should leave it here for today. Who knows, maybe next week’s Fangirl Friday will be…shirtless Disney guys (or, you know, guys in general). I can never get enough of those 😛  

frangipani princess xoxo


So I haven’t done a playlist in a while, so I decided to well, do one tonight. I call it:
Songs I Am Currently Blasting (creative, no?):

– I Don’t Like Monday’s – The Boomtown Rats
– Piano Man – Billy Joel
– Dinosaur – Kisschasy
– Sparks Fly – Taylor Swift (so excited that this will be on her new album!)
– Who I Am – Nick Jonas and the Administration
–  Hold On – The Jonas Brothers
– You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift
– Underdog – The Jonas Brothers
– A Little Bit Longer – The Jonas Brothers
– For Good – Wicked Soundtrack
– Right Here – Miley Cyrus
– Don’t Forget – Demi Lovato
– I’ll Make A Man Out Of You – Darren Criss (cover) (if anyone wants to you know, buy me his EP I’ll love you forever)
– Entire AVPM Soundtrack – Team Starkid (two sleeps until AVPS :D)
– Sing For You – Honor Society
– Where Are You Now – Honor Society
– Superstar – Taylor Swift
– I’d Lie – Taylor Swift

What’s in your playlist at the moment?

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. I did have a proper post all planned for today, but then I woke up sick and have literally spent five minutes on the computer all day. More substantial post tomorrow 🙂

This Is Only One Of The Coolest Things Ever

So this is pretty much my favourite discovery of the holidays. Late last week I received a lovely email from a reader and in it she said that she had discovered my blog via Disney Adventures magazine. I was slightly confused, as I was not aware that people at Disney Adventures magazine even knew my blog existed, so I emailed back double checking just what she meant and she sent back this:

I cropped it down because she sent the double page spread which involved the movie Harriet The Spy, and as Jennifer Stone annoys me, I didn’t want her face clogging up my blog. 
As you can see, they list little old Frangipani Princess as number three in their Top Blogs We Love, in amongst such big names as The Style Rookie, Just Jared Junior and Fail Blog. To say I’m chuffed is a major understatement. 
If my thirteen year old self could look into the future and see this, she’d pretty much die. When I started this blog three years ago, my biggest dream was to somehow get someone who even shared a house with someone who worked in a magazine to read my blog, and now here I am, having conversations with the freaking editor of Dolly over my reviews of the magazine on my favourite blog ever.   To know that people actually read, care and most importantly enjoy what I write here makes me insane amounts of happy. I was having a crap night, but as soon as that email came through I got the biggest smile on my face and it’s showing no sign of leaving. While those who read Disney Adventures may not exactly be my target audience (who am I kidding, they’re more suited to what I write about then people my own age who actually read this), the fact that the people who write Disney Adventures have actually taken time from their busy days to read my little corner of cyberspace and give it space in their magazine just makes my life. Magazines are my passion, and I’m luck enough to have been given some pretty awesome opportunities (and to have met some really lovely people along the way who have assisted with these opportunities, and give the best advice. You all know who you are; I’m forever grateful) and for someone whose first few months of posting had excessive usage of the word ‘lol’, well, it’s more than a dream come true.
To you, my amazing readers, I am beyond thankful. As I have said before, if I had no readers, epic things like this wouldn’t happen. So thankyou. Merci. Thankyou. 

frangipani princess xoxo

My Shocking Confession

Forgive me readers for I have sinned. Yesterday I…I…Oh it’s so bad I can barely admit it. Yesterday Isaweclipse. It was awful, oh it was so awful. I am traumatised for life. Believe me, I had no say in the matter. We were in Melbourne with some family friends, and the parentals went to see Jersey Boys, leaving the five children to roam the city. Movies were the obvious option and outnumbered four to one, with the threat of grounding for being selfish, I was forced into cinema eight which was showing the dreaded movie. The best part was, of course, the Harry Potter trailer. Seeing it on the big screen was so amazing I cannot even begin to explain it. 
The movie was so bad I spent it hysterically laughing at its sheer stupidity. I apologise to those at the five o’clock showing at Melbourne Central, I’m sure my running commentary of how ugly rpattz is/how annoying kstew is/how stupid the whole thing is, was not exactly what you paid to hear. When it got to the proposal scene, the ring was so outrageously hideous I felt like reaching into the movie, slapping Bella and telling her not to marry anyone who would give such a fugly ring (superficial? me? never.). 
That all said, watching it reminded me just why I used to be so obsessed with it. Sure, the story is awfully written and the actors have made it even more painful, but the underlying love story has the power to be rather addictive. Every girl on this planet wants to be loved, which is a pretty simple concept. Stephenie Meyer has built on this, and has given an intense love story where a shell of a female main character (duh, so every girl can easily imagine herself as Bella) has not one, but two, perfect guys head over heels in love with her. The idea of ‘Edward’ is something every girl wants to some degree. A guy that is willing to do anything for them. And then there’s Jacob. I am only slightly ashamed to say I swooned when he explained imprinting. The whole concept of an emotional attachment so deep that nothing else matters…it’s all anyone could ask for. Then there’s also the fact that Edward refuses to sleep with Bella until after their wedding day. Let’s, just for a moment, forget that he’s a creepily abusive 108 year old vampire, and acknowledge him as a regular teenage boy. Having him value her so much that he wants to prove their love in such a romantic way as getting married before they jump into bed, well, let’s just say that gross sparkling skin aside, it made me want to have a guy like Edward. As much as I hate the series and constantly abuse it, it has moments where I even have to acknowledge the dreaminess of the love story (let’s face it, I’m a sucker for a good love story).
Last Monday, Erica over at GWAS wrote a post about the deeper love concepts in the twilight saga, and as usual, I loved it. She writes:

“To have a pop cultural force as powerful as Twilight present teens with the idea that abstaining from pre-marital sex is an option – and a very attractive one at that – is almost revolutionary. This could spawn an abstinence movement bigger than the purity ring thing. And I honestly don’t think that would be a bad thing. How many girls regret sexual encounters with guys who were, to quote Wayne’s World, not worthy? I certainly do.

I do believe school-aged teens (and even primary schoolers, as they start younger these days) should be educated about sex, but where Twilight fills the gap in the dialogue is the exploration of the EMOTIONAL ties (all that talk about “imprinting”, etc.) that a sexual relationship creates.

The chivalrous Edward’s valuing of Bella for more than her ability to satisfy his sexual needs is one of the more valuable contributions the film franchise makes. How ironic that such a pop cultural force should imbue values so seemingly anachronistic, but which stand the test of time.”

 Exactly. Just, exactly.
 In the comments that followed the post, one reader did refer to the train wreck which is formally referred to as Breaking Dawn, and Erica admitted she was not aware of the downright disturbing things that go down. I don’t care if you haven’t read it and I’m ruining it for you, but the concept of a demon baby, and then super-sexy Jacob imprinting on said demon baby, just ruins everything. To me, imprinting is like the moment where you find your soul mate and you realise there’s no-one else in the world better for you. That you’ve found your Prince Charming. Your Mr. Right. Your happily ever after. To have Jacob have that moment with a newborn is just…wrong on so many levels. Stephenie Meyer actually had a shred of decency, a line throughout her awful ‘saga’ that made me sit up and pay attention, and she had to destroy it. Way to go. Don’t even get me started on the amount of sex in BD, either. I get they’re married, but really, she only got married to have sex, which is a stupid reason to get married in the first place, and then I don’t need to spend a gazillion pages reading about vampire’s sex lives. Just no. I hate that Stephenie Meyer spent three books shunning sex, and then devoted her longest book to it.
Of course, the fact that Edward is a creepy stalker abusive boyfriend who watches Bella’s every moment and steals her car motor so she can’t visit her other guy friends is also undoing all the ‘good work’ in the series. Sure, he won’t have sex with her, but he’ll read the minds of everyone around her and kidnap her if anyone thinks of her as anything other than ‘his’. It is, on a certain level, putting the idea that abusively controlling boyfriends are not only acceptable, but the cool thing to have, into the minds of the preteens obsessed with the series. These girls want their own Edward so badly it worries me that they’re going to be more willing to get themselves into dangerous relationships as they get older. One of my mum’s best friends is a librarian at a high school and last time I saw her she was telling me that she put an article from a teen mag (it was either GF or DOLLY, can’t remember) into every copy of novels from the twilight saga her library owned. This article explained the realities behind abusive relationships and what to do if you find yourself in one. I think this is such a great idea. Sure, it’s fine for us to let the tweens obsess over the books (been there, done that), but we also need to remind them of what’s acceptable in a relationship and what’s not. Blurred lines in this area are not only really lame, but really dangerous.
At the end of the day, if you ask me, Nick Jonas is a much better candidate for pure, chivalrous prince charming of our pop-cultural times 😛

frangipani princess xoxo