Miley Cyrus: Gypsy Heart Tour

For the last four and a bit years, I have been a Miley Cyrus fan. There have been times when she has done things that have made me begin to question why I adore her so much, but then I listen to her music or watch Hannah Montana and my love returns. When I heard she was coming to Australia, I jumped up and down and squealed in excitement. Disney stars never come to Australia, so I couldn’t believe I would finally be seeing one of them in concert. I bought tickets for myself, Toong, Tam, and one of Tam’s friends, in the very first pre-sale back in April and then waited with eager anticipation for the day to arrive. Yesterday, it finally did. All week I had been flailing in excitement whenever I thought about it, and even the eight hour round trip that didn’t get me home til 3.30am couldn’t deter just how much I was looking forward to the concert.

Miley is not Hannah Montana anymore. You are more likely to see her in her underwear than you are fully clothed, but I knew this. Arriving at Rod Laver Arena and seeing thousands of mothers and their under-twelve children, though, made me begin to wonder if the majority of the world had missed this memo. While Miley was absolutely brilliant and everything I could have ever dreamed of (well, it only could have been better if it had been the Best Of Both Worlds concert in which the Jonas Brothers opened, but as I’m not in the possession of a TARDIS or a Time Turner, we’ll just have to let that one be), the Gypsy Heart Tour was definitely not child friendly. Miley spent more than half the concert in various states of undress, often gyrating around a dancer or a walking stick, and she sang songs that would have gone right over the heads of most of the concert attendees. I could only laugh when she began singing “Bad Reputation”, something which could be argued to be the current soundtrack to her laugh. 

Her cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” should have never been allowed on the set list, but I could hardly contain my excitement when I heard the opening bars of “7 Things”. The crowd went wild for “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”, “Party In The USA” and “The Climb”, although I suppose there wasn’t really a song that the sold-out crowd didn’t adore. The same can’t be said for opening act Michael Paynter, who was annoyingly repetitive and, well, just generally annoying. 

Miley didn’t interact with the audience very much (unlike Taylor Swift last year who spent forever telling cute little stories and such), and said “y’all” an annoying lot, but I suppose she is from the South and it is to be expected. She barely paused for breath; one song would end and the intro to the next would start, save the minor gaps between her five or six costume changes, but it created an awesome atmosphere. Unlike her previous tour, The Gypsy Heart Tour did not include elaborately theatrical sets; it was just Miley, a band, some dancers, and a stage. With lots of lights and giant screens, of course. Our seats were in the first row of the Upper section of Rod Laver, but we could still see everything really well (although it wasn’t the ideal place to take close-up pictures, as the ones I’ve included prove). 

For a teenage Miley fan like myself, who knew all her songs and the covers she performed, and understood that she wouldn’t be fully dressed for most of the concert, it was brilliant, amazing, fantastic…I would go again, and again and again. For the little girls in the audience – many of whom fell asleep even before the encore – it was a bit of a waste of money, and just generally inappropriate. Surely mothers know how to google these things before dropping hundreds and hundreds of dollars on tickets? 
I think I preferred Tsweezy’s “Fearless” tour (can she pleasepleaseplease come back?!), but then again, the two concerts were very different and can’t really be compared. I adored them both in their own ways.

Now if only other Disney (or, you know, previously Disney) stars would follow her lead and come and tour. Jonas Brothers, I’m especially looking at you. 

frangipani princess xoxo

An Update On My Obsessions

Earlier today I was buying some songs from the tv show ‘Victorious’ (because my love for cheesy teen shows is not just limited to Disney. Also, I want to be Victoria Justice.) and the following appeared on my iTunes sidebar:

I’m so very glad some listeners have excellent taste in music. 

Speaking of Big Time Rush, they’re my new obsession. 


It was only a matter of time before I fell in love with them. I mean, a gorgeous boy band with their own tv show? That’s my thing
My favourite is Logan. This is Logan. 


We’re going to get married. Isn’t he just gorgeous? 

Oh. I also am currently majorly crushing on Avan Jogia from Victorious. Damn, Nickelodeon has some attractive cast members lately. Anyway, this is Avan.


Reiterating my point that I want to be Victoria Justice, she gets to be ‘best friends’ with him. Sometimes life isn’t fair. 
The only downside to my plans to marry Avan are that my name would be Georgia Jogia and that would be kind of awkward. I’m sure we could make it work though. 

frangipani princess xoxo

In Which I Try To Explain My Love For Doctor Who

While I was at Dolly, I was asked to explain just why I love Doctor Who so much. I have never been asked a question that was so difficult to answer. It’s one of those questions where you just *know* the answer, but you can’t really verbalise it properly. I love it because it’s just so brilliant in every way, but that’s not really an explanation, is it? Why is it so brilliant? 

It’s Christopher saying fantastic.
It’s David saying brilliant.
It’s David finally being able to say Allons-y Allonso. 
It’s Captain Jack and his flirting with everything.
It’s Rose and the Doctor. 
It’s Jackie just being hilarious. 
It’s Donna being sarcastic and amazing.
It’s Wilf being a bamf.
It’s the Daleks just being the greatest things ever.
It’s how creepy the Weeping Angels are.
It’s The Doctor dancing.
It’s Matt and his love for fezes. 
It’s the gay innuendos.
It’s The Doctor being able to save everyone.
It’s the pain that you see David feel.
It’s what The Doctor wears.
It’s horses named Arthur. 
It’s visiting famous celebrities.
It’s K9. 
It’s the emotion it makes you feel.
It’s the laughter.
It’s the tears. (Oh the tears. Doctor Who makes me cry harder than anything I’ve ever seen before, and believe me, I cry in almost everything.)
It’s the cast.
It’s the fans. 
It’s just…everything (except Martha. Nobody likes Martha.)

If you ask anyone who knows me in real life, or knew me a few years ago in real life, they will tell you I was the biggest Doctor Who hater in the world. I used to tease Quack mercilessly for being a fan and just laugh whenever she tried to explain it’s brilliance to me. Then one day I watched an episode, and after a lot of explanation, I began to enjoy it. Then I started from Season One and haven’t looked back. Even though Mof-fat is the most aggravating person ever and I dislike him and everything he does to the show (I lie, ‘The Empty Child’, ‘The Doctor Dances’, ‘The Girl In The Fireplace’ and ‘Blink’ are pretty much my favourite episodes).

Season 6 begins at 5.45pm Sunday here in Australia (ABC, yo) and you should all watch. Actually, I’ve seen the ep and it kind of confused me a bit, so if you do watch it, have google at the ready. Then go back and watch from season one, or season five (every time The Doctor regenerates it kind of is like a new show? If you get what I mean.) so you’re up to date with all of Matt’s stuff, even though Matt is my least favourite. If you do start at season five (you will not be able to just watch from six, sorry), make sure you do go and watch seasons one through four later. Christopher and David are just…amazing. David personifies The Doctor in the most perfect way possible. You see how real his pain and emotions are…how everything he has done really does affect him. He’s so deep, while still being side splittingly hilarious. Matt, as Quack put it, is shallow in comparison. He’s all like ‘I wear a fez now, fezes are cool’, instead of actually showing the pain and depth the character should have. Also seasons one-four have the best theme song and daleks. Seriously, Mof-fat, what the hell are you doing?!

If you’re a fan, why do you love Doctor Who? 

frangipani princess xoxo

Today I Went To My First Press Junket

Unlike most girls, I have never specifically wanted to be famous. Putting my complete lack of talent in, well, everything that makes you a celebrity, aside, I honestly never saw the appeal. What I have always seen the appeal in, however, and I believe I have mentioned this before, is having something to do with those who are famous. Girlfriend, wife, best friend, manager, PR rep…the list of relationships I would be happy to share with an A-lister is endless, but today a new one has added itself to the top of my list, and this one is actually potentially manageable. While not a relationship, per se, it’s still a regular interaction with the rich and famous. 

My dream in life is now to be an Entertainment Editor for a magazine.

Today while on Work Experience, lovely features ed Millie was kind enough to invite me along to the Russell Brand ‘Press Junket’ which was held to promote his new film ‘Arthur’. It opened my eyes to a magical world of perfectness. If seeing Russell Brand in person (and being like two metres away from him) wasn’t brilliant enough, the event was also hosted by Wil Anderson who I have loved forever and I internally freaked out as he stood an arms length away from me. Imagine being paid to go to events like that. 

I know, I know, that’s not what being an Entertainment Editor is about, but I’m also addicted to knowing all the latest goss, am half-way to being able to write awesome film and book reviews, and have read mags long enough to know what makes an interesting interview question. I honestly believe this role has been made for me. I don’t know why I had never thought of it before, or maybe I had and just never realised how epic it would be. Either way, I have now come to my senses about where I want my career to head.

I’m not entirely sure how to take the next step in making this a reality, how do you even train to become an entertainment ed? I’m sure I’ll work it out along the way, but believe me, I refuse to give up until I have business cards announcing me as the entertainment editor of a well known publication. 

frangipani princess xoxo

Tom Felton Was Everything I Imagined Him To Be And More

I met Tom Felton on Saturday. It was beautiful and perfect, he was beautiful and perfect. He called me sweetheart and lovely and we shared an intense eye-staring moment that I’m pretty sure is equivalent to a marriage proposal. 
As much as I wanted that moment where he had his arms around me to never end and be the start of something beautiful that would last for all eternity, the truth of the matter is as soon as I walked out of his eye sight I was replaced by another equally enthusiastic fangirl who too believed she was his soul mate. 

It was a hard moment. Tom meant so much to me and I was just another girl in a line, one of thousands he would meet that day. Sure, I had Simon who he thought was so cool that he told his manager, and I was with Quack who wrote him a creepy poem, but after a while girls start melding together and I’m sure if I somehow found myself in England tomorrow and ran into him, he wouldn’t recognise me at all. That’s the difficult thing about being a fangirl. You obsess, you obsess so much that the celebrity takes over your life and you know everything about them. Then you meet them with these ideas in your head that you’re going to fall in love and have a fairytale romance, and even though you do realise it’s never going to actually happen, there’s a part of you that thinks if it can to that one girl who married the guy from her favourite boy band in the 90s, then it can happen to you (after all, John Green said in Paper Towns that everyone is entitled to one miracle per lifetime). But then the moment happens and they’re sweet and lovely and everything you could have dreamed about, but when you have to turn around and never see them again, the reality hits hard. Fangirling is ultimately a futile activity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to stop fangirling, if anything I’ll fangirl harder. It’s fun, and when you do actually meet them it’s so perfect, I can’t even begin to explain it. And anyway, at the end of the day, how do they know I’m not their soulmate if they’re yet to meet me?

Tom has now left the country, back home to his girlfriend (nobody likes Jade), and I’m left sitting here feeling like my life is the song Superstar by Taylor Swift. After all, I’m no one special, just another wide eyed girl who’s desperately in love with you. Give me a photograph, to hang on my wall, superstar.

Also, give me a photograph he did (after I handed over $40), and it is a brilliant photo if I may say so myself. Even though everyone who sees it (and toong’s) says he looks like he’s a dying old man. 

frangipani princess xoxo

Going To Melbourne Today

Meeting Tom Felton and Josh Thomas tomorrow, you know, the usual. Then Work Experience at Dolly on Monday. This week is going to rock.
However, my laptop is too heavy for me to take to Melbs as I’d have to carry it around at Supanova all day and it would just annoy me, so I’m getting my parents to drive it to Sydney. I’ll be back Monday Night with fabulous stories about my upcoming wedding to Tom (or, you know, how I was just one of a thousand fangirls who believed they were his soul mate in a line). 

Hope your weekend is as amazing as I’m planning mine to be 🙂

frangipani princess xoxo

Even Fangirls Have Priorities

Today in class we got talking about who we would travel anywhere to see. We all know I’m a total fangirl for just about everything, but there are levels to my loves. For example:

James and Oliver Phelps are going to be in Sydney this weekend and I’m not going to see them. On the other hand, if it had been Danrad or Tom Felton I would have traveled anywhere. 
Stellar Kart were in Australia last weekend but they were playing somewhere random so I didn’t to the concert. If it had been the Jonas Brothers I would have been there in a heartbeat.
– I really like Katy Perry but couldn’t be bothered spending money to go to her concert. If Tsweezy announced a performance I’d do anything to get money to go.  
– I’d love to see someone like Sterling Knight in person, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see him. If Team Starkid even came close to Australia I’d be by their side as fast as I could.
– Meeting Victoria Justice would be pretty cool, but I’d be more likely to spend my hard-earned cash flying around Australia to get a chance to talk to Selena Gomez
See what I mean? I love so many celebrities but I prioritise when it comes to having the opportunity to see them. I’ve actually only ever seen Tsweezy live and came nowhere near being able to meet her. Supernova in a few weeks will be my first chance to meet a celebrity crush (and convince him to dump Jade and run away with me). 
One day I’ll be able to devote my life to chasing all my celebrity crushes around the globe, but for now I guess I’ll have to make do with crossing my fingers (and toes) that they come to Australia at times not including exam-weeks and I have the money and parental permission to go. 

How would you prioritise your celebrity crush meeting opportunities?

frangipani princess xoxo

My Next Adventure (Feat. The BFF Eternally):

As most of you know, I’m an epic Tom Felton fangirl. As that’s probably close to an understatement, you’ll probably understand why my level of excitement was so intense when I heard about this:

 And saw the guest list included none other than:

 The BFF Eternally and I decided straight away that we would be going and we will be paying as much as it takes to get an autograph and photo with him. 
There’s also some other cool people confirmed, like Simon Pegg and some minor Buffy stars (James Masters, aka Spike, is going to the Sydney convention which was a bit of a let down) so it’ll be interesting for more than just Tom. Although he will definitely be the highlight.

My mum says I’m truly out-nerdifying myself but I’m just fangirling like mad right now. 

frangipani princess xoxo