Frangi Chats To…Gemma Crisp – Author of "Be Careful What You Wish For" (And All ‘Round Awesome Chick)

Former editor of Dolly and Cleo Magazines, Gemma Crisp, has always been lovely to me, and so when I heard she was releasing a novel, I was super excited. As I was in America when it was released in December, I only got my hands on a copy last week. I picked it up at Sydney Airport, and by the time my plane landed back home, I had devoured the novel and adored every second. 

“Be Careful What You Wish For” tells the story of mag-addict Nina who leaves her hospitality career to pursue her ultimate media dreams. While at first everything seems like a dream come true, she soon realises that not everything is as glossy as she first imagined. 
I sent Gemma some questions to her new home in London (what a lucky duck!), and here’s what she had to tell me about the novel. 

FP: How much of the novel was based on your own experiences in the magazine industry?
GC: While the novel is fiction, I have to admit I did take some inspiration from a few events that either happened to me or that I heard about during my 10+ years in the magazine industry. The start of the novel mirrors my experience quite closely but then as the story advances, it becomes pure fiction.
FP: Were characters based on real people, or were they entirely fictional?
GC: Some characters are purely fictional, while others were loosely based on people close to me. None of them are an exact replica though – it’s not an autobiography by any means!

FP: Did you have an aim in writing the novel, or was it purely for entertainment purposes?
GC: Given it’s a chick-lit novel, I wrote it purely for entertainment purposes. It’s the perfect plane read or lazing-on-the-beach book, but I hope it also helps anyone who is interested in magazines to get an understanding of what can go on behind those glossy pages.

FP: In the novel, Tess reveals she suffers from anxiety and depression. What made you decide to include this storyline?
GC: Quite a few of my friends, both male and female, have experienced these illnesses, both of which are still very misunderstood. I guess it was my way of shining a light on something that needs more awareness – even if it helps just one person recognise the signs in their friend or family member and prompts them to ask if they’re okay, that’s one less person who is suffering alone.

FP: Based on your experiences in the industry, how realistic are Nina’s experiences on the job?
GC: Nothing goes smoothly all the time, whether you’re a magazine journalist, an accountant or a rocket scientist. Being fiction, some of Nina’s experiences are exaggerated to make them more dramatic while others are true to life. Having said that, there is one particular story arc involving a certain celebrity and her publicist that did actually happen to me a few years ago, so I’ll leave you guys to try to guess who it is!

FP: Lizzie and Romy are very Devil Wears Prada when it comes to job envy, is this something you see a lot in the real magazine industry?
GC: I can’t speak for everyone in the magazine industry, but I think people would be surprised at how nice and normal 99.9 per cent of the women who work in the industry are. Of course there are times when not everyone gets along but you can say that for any office. I’ve developed amazing friendships with colleagues at every magazine I’ve worked for which have continued well after we’ve all moved on. And remember, every story needs a villain (or two), so I wouldn’t read too much into Lizzie and Romy’s antics!

FP: Was your start in the industry similar to Nina’s?
GC: Yes, to a certain extent. I was lucky enough to score a three-month unpaid internship at an internationally renowned magazine then moved into a paid editorial assistant role with the help of a contact I’d made during the internship – however, unlike Nina, I didn’t leave that role after just three weeks! I also didn’t climb the ladder quite so quickly as Nina, but that’s probably a good thing!

FP: What was your writing process like?
GC: As I was editing CLEO at the same time as writing the book, I had to be strict about setting aside time to write – that meant chaining myself to my laptop for one day every weekend. There were days when it was the last thing I felt like doing after having a stressful week, but a book doesn’t write itself! I started off writing it on the couch, then moved to the dining table, but found I was still getting too distracted (oh look, there’s some washing that needs to be taken off the clothes line…!) so I ended up sitting at a desk in the corner of my bedroom facing a wall! I would write anything from 1,000 to 3,000 words at a time – it just depended on where I was at in the storyline, how tired I was and how easily the words were flowing on that particular day.

FP: How did you come up with the title for the novel?
GC: I actually submitted the manuscript without a title because I couldn’t think of one I liked! Then my publisher and I threw around a couple of suggestions, but she wasn’t really happy with any of them. I’d jotted down Be Careful What You Wish For in the notes I kept while writing the novel but I wasn’t sold on it – ideally I wanted something clever like The Devil Wears Prada, but I couldn’t think of anything!  So eventually I bit the bullet and suggested Be Careful What You Wish For, thinking my publisher wouldn’t rate it but she immediately loved it – she said it felt intriguing, so that’s what we went for. Intriguing is good, right?!

FP: What has been the highlight of the whole process to date?
GC: There’s been so many – actually seeing the book on shelves was a big one, as it was originally due to be released in January after I’d moved to London so for a while there, I wasn’t going to see it on shelves at all! But then my publisher decided to bring the release date forward, so the first time I saw it was at the international terminal of Sydney airport while waiting for my flight. That was topped off an hour later by spotting someone buying it while I was sitting at the gate waiting to board! I’d convinced myself that only my friends and family would buy it, so I was pretty happy! Other than that, I’ve really appreciated the readers who have tweeted me saying how much they loved it. Oh, and getting great sales figures hasn’t been terrible either!

FP: Can we expect a sequel, or another novel that has nothing to do with Be Careful What You Wish For?
GC: Just between you and me (and Frangipani Princess readers!), I’m actually in talks with Allen & Unwin right now about a potential sequel, so watch this space!

FP: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers, both in the magazine and book industries?
GC: There are loads of wannabe writers out there – what will set you apart is developing your own tone. Think about the writers you like and why you like them – chances are, it’s because they have a distinct ‘voice’. That’s what keeps people coming back for more, so it’s an important character to work on.

FP: If you had to describe Be Careful What You Wish For in one word, what would it be? 
GC: Awesomesauce
Be Careful What You Wish For is available now through Allen&Unwin (at all good bookstores), and if you have an interest in the magazine industry, this is definitely a novel for you. 

frangipani princess xoxo

Book Review: Jessie Hearts NYC

Most girls would be lying if they said they didn’t dream of falling in love in New York City. There’s something so glamorous about the East Coast city, and the thought of finding a cute guy to stroll through Central Park or go to a show on Broadway with would be a bit of a fairytale come true. 


British BFFs Emma and Jessie are lucky enough to go to New York for the Summer to stay with Jessie’s playwright mum. Jessie has just broken up with a not-so-dream guy and has her eye set on her mum’s lead cast member, Ben. Both girls are obsessed with the famous city, and can’t wait to explore every detail of it (and hope to meet a few other cute guys along the way).
Finn is a New York local, desperately in love with his best friend’s girlfriend. His controlling parents and grandma are trying to force him to follow his father’s shoes into insurance, but all he wants to be is an architect.
A series of weird coincidences see Jessie and Finn continue to run into each other in a city of eight million people. Will they find love? Will Jessie be brave enough to tell her parents she wants to stay in NYC? Will Finn man up and tell his parents he wants to change majors? You’ll have to read brand new YA novel “Jessie Hearts NYC” to find out…

Jessie Hearts NYC is a cute, easy read with alternating perspectives that you won’t want to put down. Filled with amazing descriptions of New York, by the end you’ll be wishing your mum lived on Broadway so you could jump on a plane with your BFF and find your own Finn. Of course, some bits are super cliched, but it’s a teen romance set in New York, so it’s kind of expected. 
It’s a brilliant holiday read, and a perfect change from a lot of the Supernatural-themed YA books that seem to be plaguing the genre at the moment. I definitely recommend it to all teen girls (or anyone who’s a fan of the YA genre!). 

Rating: 4.5/5
Author: Keris Stainton
Pages: 255 (plus four pages of Keris Stainton’s ‘New York Top Fives’!)
RRP: $16.99
Publisher: Orchard Books 

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Fandoms For F*ck H8

As most of you would be aware, on Saturday New York passed the Gay Marriage act. This makes me super happy, for while I am straight myself, I am a firm believer in equality for all. I have friends who are gay, relatives who are gay, and, of course, I adore gay celebrities (and uh, fictional characters). While Australia sits over here with it’s backwards laws on equality, I found myself wishing there was something that I could do to show my support. That’s where Fandoms Against H8 stepped in. We all know I love a nerdy fandom shirt, so to combine my love of these with supporting equality, well, I was sold. Here are some of my favourites:


Basically, there are a whole heap of shirts (and hoodies, and badges, etc. etc.) for every super popular fandom with slash ships (though you can request others). You buy them, get to wear a totally brilliant shirt, and then part of the proceeds goes towards the fight against hate. Such a perfect concept. 
I really, really want to buy the three above, but I’m poor at the moment and currently saving for two overseas trips in the coming months, plus two weeks in Sydney starting next week. My finger might just slip on the ‘add to basket’ and ‘checkout’ buttons as a special end of term treat in the next few days though…

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Harry Potter And The Levels Of Darkness

I have never been a massive fan of the Harry Potter movies. I love the entire cast more than most people can begin to fathom, but I just love the books so much and the films just kind of ruin them. They add bits and take away bits and change things that just shouldn’t have been changed. It frustrates me no end, and leaves me sitting there raging to anyone who will listen. Other than when they come out at the cinema, I rarely watch the movies. I own all of them (and numerous copies of some) but they’re not my first choice for a movie night. The last time I watched most of them was early last year when Toong and I had a marathon. 

In the lead up to Deathly Hallows Part Two (one month today!), my local cinema is showing one movie per week. I missed Philosopher’s Stone because no one told me it was on (and then missed it on tv on Friday night for the same reason), but watched my extended-edition dvd the other night. Then yesterday, I went and saw Chamber Of Secrets at the movies. Being used to watching the newer movies, I was shocked at how light the older movies were. There was so much hope and joy, and even though Voldy would come along and try to ruin everything, there was just so much innocence and that happy ending feeling. There was no continuation of evil that started at the end of the fourth but really kicked it up from the end of the fifth. There was no angst. No death. The endings brought tears of joy to your eyes, instead of tears of heartbreak, because everything was just so perfect. 

In a way, it was almost painful watching them knowing everything about the overall ending. Painful seeing Fred laughing. Painful seeing Dobby. Painful seeing annoying fangirl!Ginny and realising that the epilogue from hell is almost upon us. Painful seeing Snape. Oh gosh, it was painful seeing Snape. 

I know Harry Potter had to get darker. I know it had to lead up to the confrontation we’ll be seeing next month. I know that people had to die, no matter how much I loved them, because if they didn’t, if there was no battle, we’d end up with Breaking Dawn. I understand why it had to continue the way it did, but a small part of me would have been happy if it had stayed at the level of the earlier books. If the evil didn’t progress past what an eleven year old could defeat. If Draco’s worst decision was stealing a Christmas present and over exaggerating an injury, and if Snape’s worst move was taking too many points of Gryffindor. If everyone lived happily ever after (though without the Epilogue From Hell) and just enjoyed Hogwarts like the Marauders were able to. Admit it, you think it would kind of be really cool if they were just chilling at Hogwarts without Voldemort being around every corner, and could just have regular lives with the addition of magic and an epic castle. Maybe that’s just the fanfiction lover in me coming out though…

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Of Pre-Release Anticipation And Who The Hell Is River Song

When you become a member of a fandom, you become emotionally attached to everything. You become obsessive in the lead up to a big episode, or the next book in a series. What will happen? you find yourself compulsively thinking. You contemplate just what will come next. What will happen to your favourite characters. How everything will work out. 

Back in the good old days when there were still Harry Potter books being released, the anticipation would almost kill me. I remember being so nervous in the weeks leading up to their release, frightened about what the fates of my favourite characters would be, and then forcing my mum to drive me up to four hours return to get a copy of my book as soon as it was physically possible. In the weeks leading up to the release of The Deathly Hallows I read so many theories and spoilers, it wasn’t even funny. As much as it pains me to admit, I was much the same in the lead up to the release of Breaking Dawn. The day before it came out, all I thought about was who Bella would pick. 

And now I’m the same for Doctor Who. As a fairly new member of the fandom, this is my first season where I’ve actually had to wait for episodes. Although I did watch episodes of season five on tv, I wasn’t emotionally invested in them. After really getting into it, I then went back and watched all of the seasons, but because I had them on my laptop, there was no waiting for cliffhangers. No year long gaps between seasons. Everything was right there, and if I was desperate to know something I was yet to see, there were friends to ask or websites containing all the spoilers I could ever want. This season, however, is different. This season I’m painfully waiting the week long gaps between each episode. I have to endure not knowing what will happen next, and it’s killing me. This is possibly the worst season for it too, with more than just the regular ‘two-parters’ of seasons gone by. This season there’s a whole big storyline and more cliffhangers than you could poke a stick at. 

The first episode of Doctor Who I ever saw had River Song in it. I had no idea what was going on in the episode, so I texted Quack asking for answers. My biggest question was “Who is River Song?”. Quack couldn’t answer, because you don’t know who River Song is. She is just there and plays some big part in The Doctor’s life and is constantly saying “spoilers, sweetie”, but apart from being an archaeologist in jail for murder, with a time-line running in reverse to The Doctor, we know nothing of her identity. Until tomorrow, that is. I do not like River Song as a character at all. She’s annoying and frustrating and just makes me want to slap her, and yet, here I am, desperate to know who she is. Over the last few weeks, I’ve spent more time than I care to admit googling theories and spoilers and information, trying to piece together what is going on in this season. River’s story is a mystery that has driven the fandom crazy for three years (I guess my one year wait is nothing to complain about!), and in just a few hours, it will be solved. Well, it will be as solved as much as a massive cliffhanger (with the next episode not being until Spring Australian time) written by Steven Moffat could possibly explain/solve anything. It is said that in the final few moments of the episode, we will learn her identity and then, BAM, three month wait. There is so much speculation about who she is, some of which makes me sad, some of which makes me happy, and some of which just disappoints me. I’m sure whatever Moffat has install for us tomorrow will be completely insane and what none of us were expecting, though he does say once we watch the episode, we’ll realise that we’ve known who she is from the beginning. Whatever that means.

Whenever the episode you’ve been waiting for airs, or the book is released, and you watch or read it, you sometimes feel empty. The build up has been there for months. You’ve devoted hours and hours and hours of your life to theories and thoughts and head-canon, and then suddenly it’s all over. You’re left with canon, and we all know canon can often leave a dirty taste in your mouth. You’ve spent so much time speculating, then suddenly there’s nothing left to do anymore because the truth is out there. You sit there, and ponder what to do with your life now that it’s all over. After The Deathly Hallows was released, I actually took around a year off from Harry Potter in general, as I suddenly knew everything that would ever be canon, and it saddened me. There was no more “I wonder if this will happen”, because all was out there. I think that’s why I love fan-fiction so much, because it allows the stories to live on in different ways, and people to keep rejected theories alive with wonderful tales of what might have been.

I often wonder what non-fangirls do with their lives, without theories and character speculation to spend weeks on. It must be weird. Surely they must feel like they have a hole in their lives. No amount of social interaction could fill the gaps in my life created by fandoms. You just become such a part of it, it becomes a major section of your life. But that’s another point for another day, so for now, I’m going to sleep, with the child-like belief from Christmas Eve and birthdays that going to sleep early(ish for a Saturday) will make morning come faster. With morning comes River Song’s identity, and though part of me doesn’t want it to arrive as what will I do with my life once I know who she is, I’m really just dying from the anticipation of it all. 

frangipani princess xoxo
ps. By the time most of you read this the episode will have aired. Can we please keep her identity out of comments, as it won’t air in a lot of places for a week or so, and nobody wants spoilers, sweetie. 

Review Roundup


I’m very late to the party, but the BBC series ‘Sherlock’ is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. Written by Steven Moffat, current head writer of Doctor Who, series one encompasses three 1.5hr long episodes following Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in modern day London. It is pure brilliance, and I cannot wait for the second series which is currently being written/filmed. 5/5


I’d been meaning to read ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ for quite a while, and I finally got around to it last weekend. It follows the story of ‘Charlie’ as he writes letter to an anonymous friend of a friend, describing his life. It’s a coming of age story that features love, homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, abuse, and high school in general, and it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. The movie adaption is currently being made with Logan Lerman as Charlie, and Emma Watson as his love interest, Sam. It should be very interesting, and it’s a very different role for Emma. 4/5

Josh Thomas and Tom Ward are back podcasting again, with season three, episode one of ‘Josh Thomas and Friend’ now available on iTunes. After a hiatus of around a year, the two best friends are as hilarious as ever, spending eighteen minutes talking about everything and anything. Just a warning, as brilliant as they are, some of the things they discuss may be a bit awkward to listen to if your parents can hear. Hopefully season three contains more episodes than season two (like, three), because they really are super entertaining. 4/5. 


Four episodes in, ‘Angry Boys’ just isn’t doing it for me. I tried to like it, I really did, but I’m just not enjoying it. I continue to watch (Glee takes precedence though), but I just don’t find myself laughing; I’m more likely to be cringing at Chris Lilley’s desperate attempts to push boundaries and be hardcore. In my opinion, while it’s watchable and makes for good television, it’s just not Summer Heights High (and yes, I know that wasn’t the aim, and it was meant to be different etc. etc, SHH was just so much better to watch). I’ll keep watching, as it can only get better. Angry Boys airs 9pm Wednesday on ABC1. 2.5/5. 

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Review Roundup


The Girlfriend June 2011 issue is now on sale with Taylor Swift gracing the cover. The issue, described as ‘the issue you voted for’, isn’t the best I’ve ever read. Maybe it was a lack of Rob (something I’ll sadly have to get used to), or maybe it was a lack of interesting and unique features. Some of the features included “Hate The Way You Lie”, “Thank You For Being A Friend”, and “Thank You Mr Wrong”. Lots of cute posters (including one of semi-shirtless Alex Pettyfer. Yum Yum), and comes with free nail polishes. $7.95 from everywhere mags are sold. 
3/5 stars.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 was definitely an improvement on the third instalment. With no Orlando Bloom, it was slightly lacking in eye-candy, but Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow was as brilliant as ever. It wasn’t the most amazing film I’ve ever seen, but it was the fourth film in the series, so it was to be expected. It follows the story of Cpt Jack and some of his Pirate buddies as they race the Spanish and the English to find the fountain of youth. If you’re not busy seeing The Hangover Two, it’s a nice time killer, even if, like me, you only see it for some Johnny Depp goodness. 3/5 stars. 


Before I Fall, by Lauren Oliver, tells the story of a popular girl who is killed in a car accident only to wake up again on the morning of the same day. Sam is forced to live the day of her death over and over again, desperately trying to change events so she survives. It has a great message of the effects we have on people without realising, and how changing one event can change everything. It’s an easy read, but really good. 
Out now everywhere. 
4.5/5 stars. 

Lady Gaga’s new album ‘Born This Way’ was released on Monday and my mum, who has obviously been living under the biggest rock in the world, was not really aware of her existence until then. She watched a Channel V special on her as we ate breakfast at McDonalds, and then demanded we rush off and buy the album. I’ve never been Gaga’s biggest fan, though I do enjoy a few of her songs from her earlier albums. The songs on Born This Way aren’t as good, in my opinion, but there are a few I found myself hitting replay on. My personal favourite is ‘Highway Unicorn’, just because it has the word Unicorn in the title. The standard version of the album is available for around $22, though I’m sure you can hear all the songs on the radio and on tv. If Gaga is good at one thing, it’s gaining exposure. 2.5/5 stars.


The new season (six) of Doctor Who has been airing for around a month now and I’m having a bit of a love-hate relationship with it. On one hand, the Neil Gaiman’s episode ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ was one of my all-time favourites, but on the other hand, this whole series long storyline and focus on River Song is kind of driving me crazy. It’s an unpopular opinion, but I really don’t like what Steven Moffat is doing to the show. I’m nostalgic for the glorious Russell T Davies eps, where everything was beautiful all the time, and no time-laws were broken, and Matt Smith wasn’t there making the Doctor a superficial nine year old. Sigh. But still, I am enjoying it in general because it is Doctor Who, and you all should watch. For Australian’s, it’s on 7.30pm Saturday nights on ABC, and then replayed at 5.45pm (I think) Sunday nights on the same channel. If you want to get in on it, I’d be sure to watch this week as it’s the first part of a to-be-continued. Oh, for the days when a to-be-continued was the only time there was an ongoing storyline. 3.5/5

Is there anything you’d like me to include in these new weekly reviews? A focus on books, or movies, or music? Or just like I have done today with a bit of everything?

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Interview With Julia Albain – Part Three:

And finally, here is the conclusion to my interview with Team Starkid’s talented Julia Albain. In this final part, we chat about her favourites, Harry Potter, her inspirations, and her advice for life. (I assume this part also has horrible gaps before the ‘read more’ and such, which I’m not awesome enough to fix, so please ignore. I so apologise):

What was your favourite song in A Very Potter Musical?

Not Alone.
What was your favourite song in A Very Potter Sequel?
No Way.
And what was your favourite song in Starship?
A tie between Kick It Up A Notch and The Way I Do

If you had a choice would you go to Hogwarts or Pigfarts?
What was your favourite book and movie in the Harry Potter series?
My favourite book was number six. I’m gonna be honest and say I haven’t seen all the movies because I stopped really enjoying them after like number three or four. I just like the books better so it’s hard for me to watch the movies. So yeah, I don’t really have a preference on the movies.
If you were at Hogwarts, which house would be you in?
Well, everyone says Gryffindor, everyone wants to be Gryffindor. And I think I would be a Gryffindor. I think I can confidently say I would be a Gryffindor.
Is there a particular Harry Potter character you feel you can relate to the most?
You know, I think I’m a strange combination of Hermione and Ron, which sounds like a crazy combination but like Hermione cos she gets like so wrapped up in wanting to do right and work hard, but I’m also just like kind of clumsy and like get myself in trouble and say the wrong things and say too much sometimes and that reminds me of Ron so I think I’m like this weird combination of them.
What is your favourite scene from a Starkid production?
You know, I thought the whole Voldemort tap dancing thing was kind of brilliant but the favourite scene I’ve ever done was just that short little “Hermione Can’t Draw” scene in the sequel, cos it just…I don’t know what it was. We just cracked up every time. It never got old to us and we would always just walk off stage crying with laughter. So that’s just one of those fun memories we have.
What’s your all time favourite musical?
Funny Girl. The musical Funny Girl. I used to watch that when I was sick when I was little and that was like “I’m gonna be an actress”. That was the one that did it for me.

If you lived in an ideal world where whatever you wanted to happen, happened, where would you see yourself in five years time?
In five years I would say I would like to…there’s a lot. There’s a lot I could see happening in five years. I’m interested and I’m intrigued by the idea of us doing a television show and working in television in general really would intrigue me. So I think I would like to have that be a part of my life at some point, whether it’s all of us together, or whether it’s just me on my own. I would really like to have written a lot more and to get better at it, cos there’s for sure things that I would have sure changed or done differently with this book that now I’ve learned from. And then I certainly think I would have liked to have garnered more of a reputation and a building resume and career as a director. And that’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently and I’m gonna try to start working towards and having certain projects developed because I really do enjoy directing and it’s something that I think I would like to build a career on.

Your book is filled with inspirational quotes and you also like, regularly tweet them. Do you have one particular favourite quote that you just really, really love?
Yes. There’s this quote by Mary Oliver and it says “What is it that you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?”. And I love that because it’s just like…it’s just a reminder that what we have is a gift and a great opportunity to create something incredible. And sometimes we get so caught up in like the mundanity of our day by day that we forget to say that we have this opportunity to sculpt something miraculous that’s going to be left behind in our name, and that’s what we should all be striving for.
Who is your biggest inspiration?
Wow, that’s a tricky one. I collect these things from different people and the lives they’ve built. I admire a lot of what Tina Fey has done because she’s gotten to do a lot of different stuff and she’s built this very variety based career. I have a lot of admiration for Steve Martin cos he’s a brilliant writer in addition to being an actor. So yeah, I’d say those are two people in the industry that really inspire me, and then there’s this one writer, he’s dead now, but he’s a Lebanese poet named Khalil Jebran and his book “The Prophet” is probably my all time favourite book and his writing just…it just inspires me, it enthuses me with this idea of what life is and how it should be lived. So that I would say.
One last question, what advice would you give to teen girls about to enter the real world, or just about life in general?

Oh man, that’s a great question cos this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately and it’s something that I feel almost like I hopefully will be able to have like a side career mentoring and working in this way, cos I’m just…I’m encountering these…I can remember coming out of high school into college and college into the real world and I’m still learning, I’m still young obviously, but there’s a lot of girls that I meet and talk to and they have just been made to believe that things that they dream aren’t possible so they stop dreaming and it just breaks my heart because it’s like the minute people stop dreaming, that’s where society starts to fall apart. And it gets cracks and holes and people begin to get unhappy and it’s just crazy that if you have this strong desire or calling on your part, that you wouldn’t at least try to go after it. Because you’re never going to, it’s never going to be a mistake to try. It will never, ever, ever be a mistake to try. And I just think that you don’t have to know how it will work out, but you just have to know what you want. And that’s how I’ve come to live my days. And trust me, I’ve got some dreams that are insane, that I go ‘I don’t know how this is going to work out’, but I also, when I was in New York I had a dream of living with all of my best friends and just getting to do the work that we loved, and a year later that came to be in ways that I couldn’t have ever planned for or anticipated. But I knew what I wanted and I just had to believe that that was going to work out. So I just think that for anyone else in that phase of life, you’ve got to commit to dreaming and finding and really looking at what you want out of your life, and find a little piece of yourself that believes that you can have and do the things you love and want. Because really like, the things that you want, want you and that’s where you’re going to make the most impact and actually help the most other people.  

Thank you so much, Julia. 
You’re so welcome! I think that we should probably try and like come to Australia, because we have such a big base there, and why not? How cool?!  We will keep that in mind and put it on the back burner. So we should try and put that in the five year plan! My five year goal is that some point we will try and come to Australia. 

A million thanks to Julia for taking time to chat to me. I really, really appreciate it. 
A final reminder that Julia’s brilliant book ‘A Glamourously Unglamorous Life’ can be purchased here
Julia can be seen in Team Starkid productions ‘A Very Potter Musical’ and ‘A Very Potter Sequel’ as Crabbe, and in ‘Starship’ as Specs. All shows can be found on their youtube page.

frangipani princess xoxo