Movie Review: Endless Love

After the death of her older brother, Jade (Gabriella Wilde) withdrew from her social life focusing solely on her high school studies and dreams of becoming a doctor. But when a popular classmate David (Alex Pettyfer) who watched her from afar for 4 years finally strikes up a conversation with her on the day of their graduation, Jade realises what she has been missing out on.

The pair quickly fall for each other in this story about the power of love and the passion of a first romance. Much to the excitement of Jade’s mother Anne (Joely Richardson), who was worried about her daughter’s seclusion, the two are completely devoted to each other. They speak of the possibilities of love with so much passion that it inspires Anne and reminds her of how true love can be . Of course, there is one problem: Jade’s overprotective father (Bruce Greenwood) who seems to have lost sight of the simple pleasures in life after the death of his son and will do anything to keep his innocent daughter from the rough boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

Apparently the film is based on the novel by Scott Spencer and is a remake of the 80’s movie of the same name. However, in an interesting and rather unusual (do author’s usually do this?) article for the Paris Review, Spencer voices his feelings about both movie adaptations. Personally, as I have neither read the book nor seen the original film, I can’t offer a comparison but if you have let me know for I am curious to see how you think it compares.

Though it may not be a very good adaptation,  as far as Valentine’s Day movies go, Endless Love is pretty standard with the typical way too many clichéd lines so if you’ve seen any Valentine’s Day movie ever, you can probably give this one a miss. That said, Alex Pettyfer’s sexy English accent did make a surprise appearance so it’s almost worth it for that.

Endless Love is in Australian cinemas now through Universal Pictures

Rating: 2.5/5

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Gig Review: Olly Murs

English singer-songwriter Olly Murs recently hit our shores on his first Australian tour much to my excitement. After missing out on tickets to his first Sydney show at The Star Event Centre, I was able to get some for his much smaller performance at the Metro. And I am so glad I did.


The show, and boy, was it a whole show, was fantastic. Olly was energetic the whole night; he so entertaining with his cheeky dance moves and hilarious interactions with the audience. The Metro, which is fast becoming my favourite venue, was great for this as it made it all the more intimate, making his cute flirtatious comments all the more charming. Olly continually mentioned the attractiveness of Australian girls, calling other girls “average” in comparison and this adorable flirting was only encouraged by the screaming fans.

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Movie Review: Man of Steel

By Stephanie Marinkovic

I have never been a huge Superman fan. Sure, I enjoyed both Brandon Routh’s portrayal in 2006 and Christopher Reeve’s Superman from the 70s/80s but unlike other superhero movies (basically all the Marvel ones) they have never brought out the extreme fangirl side of me. Man of Steel, however, has almost become my new fangirl-y obsession but there were a few things that I think could have been done better.

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Convention Etiquette

By Stephanie Marinkovic

Georgie and I went to Supanova Sydney last weekend. It was really fantastic, but it was obvious that a large percentage of people forgot to adhere to a few basic courtesies. Because conventions should be fun and enjoyable for everyone, we’ve compiled a list of the Top Ten Things To Remember When You’re At A Convention. 

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Gig Review: BriBry

By Steph Marinkovic

Irish singer/songwriter and vlogger, Brian O’Reilly, who goes by BriBryontour on the ‘Tube has been on tour (hence the name) in Australia for the past week. I’ve been quite a fan of BriBry for a few years now though I’ve never really listened to his music, opting instead to focus on his vlogs. But when he announced his Australian tour this year, I thought I’d support him and see his show.


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Gig Review: Lawson

By Stephanie Marinkovic

Lawson, a UK pop-rock band, performed on Thursday night in Sydney and oh my goodness, the entire night was amazing!

The lovely up-and-coming Australian artist, Sinead Burgess was their supporting act. She was also one of the support acts for The Script last week and I think she won a few hearts in the crowd. However, I must admit that that I didn’t watch all that much of her performance but what I did manage to hear was pretty good.

When Lawson finally made it to the stage (after a quick meet and greet which my sister was lucky enough to attend) the crowd did not stop screaming for a solid 2 minutes. I’m pretty sure the decibel level was off the charts and I think my eardrums were burst before the concert even started (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but it was crazy!)

What I found equally crazy and incredible was the dedication of their fans. I was so surprised to see that almost every member of the audience could sing their songs perfectly. Let’s be honest, a lot of people probably haven’t heard much of them in Australia until recently (if at all) but here were hundreds of screaming fangirls who had made sure they knew every word to impress their “boys”. And impressed they were indeed.

The concert ended with Standing in the Dark, which began with the crowd (with some prompts by lead singer Andy Brown) taking over and singing the first verse and chorus word-for-word. Bassist Ryan Fletcher looked ecstatic that people actually knew the song he co-wrote. It was just so awesome to see how astounded he was by the whole thing (and with that, I fell in love – oops)

You can see what I’m talking about here 





Though I’m not sure if this is the entire setlist,  I know they also sang:

  • Everywhere You Go
  • Gone
  • Anybody Out There
  • Learn to Love Again
  • Stolen
  • Waterfall
  • Taking Over Me
  • When She Was Mine
  • The Girl I Knew (Andy really deserves all the credit for this one. I was just him and his guitar and it was perfect)

They also did their own covers of Swedish House Mafia’s Don’t You Worry Child and Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger. As a massive fan of Maroon 5, nothing can live up to Adam Levine’s perfection but Andy did a pretty good job.

Possibly a highlight of the night (or at least of the pictures I took) was the hilarious facial expressions guitarist Joel Peat made while performing.



Joel and Andy

Joel and Andy

Drummer Adam Pitts was sadly out of my line of sight for most of the night. However, thanks to my camera and the awesome zoom capabilities, it made me feel like I could actually see what he was up to.



The concert really was absolutely fantastic. I’ve recommended them already, but you really should check them out. Their album Chapman Square is out now on iTunes and Spotify. If their tweets are anything to go by, they adored Australia (Ryan said we were the most attractive audience, so why wouldn’t they) and they’ll definitely be back soon.

Steph @ frangipani princess xoxo

Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen

By Stephanie Marinkovic

When Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) fails to save the President’s wife, he is fired from the Presidential Guard. A year and a half later, the White House is under attack and Banning finds himself caught in the crossfire. Using his knowledge of the building and its security measures, Banning embarks on a mission to save the kidnapped President and his other colleagues.

Olympus Has Fallen is your classic action-thriller, filled with gratuitous murder and many explosions.  It has been compared (by literally every other review I have read) to the Die Hard franchise but lacking that special something that made those movies so (apparently) good.

(Just as a quick note, this review is slightly spoilery from here on)

Though the beginning was a bit slow, the film quickly gets into the violence, massacring hundreds of civilians and White House employees, in a somewhat unrealistic manner. That said, after the drawn-out, horrific violence, the real action starts. As the last one standing, Banning has to fight his way through the remaining enemies to reach the President of the United States of America and basically, save the world.

I hope you see where I am going with this: the clear-to-the-point-of-obnoxious American patriotism, for example, extended shots of destroyed American flags and an oddly placed recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. Though these scenes were among ones of horror, there were still a lot of laughs from the (Australian) audience. Maybe it works better for Americans? I don’t know.

The premise itself, while grounded in something that has just recently been in the news – tensions between the US and North Korea, was wildly unrealistic. Surely the White House could hold off capture for longer than some 15 minutes.

Despite some of these things, Olympus Has Fallen was still very entertaining. Gerard Butler does a great job of playing the hero and Rick Yune (who plays Kang, the mastermind behind the attack) depicts the cold, calculating villain perfectly. If you can handle the over-the-top violence, then I recommend this movie for you.

Rating: 3.5/5

Olympus Has Fallen stars Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman and is out in Australian cinemas this Thursday 18th April

Steph @ frangipani princess xoxo

Movie Review: Scary Movie 5

By Stephanie Marinkovic

Thirteen years after the first Scary Movie and the franchise is still at it. For better or worse, I do not know. (Worse. Almost definitely worse)

I have never seen a ‘Scary Movie’ before I attended this screening and I was a little bit apprehensive about watching it. To be honest, I thought that they relied on outrageous gory moments to create the illusion of comedy. I was however, pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Don’t get me wrong, it was no cinematic masterpiece but it definitely got some cheap laughs out of the audience.

The shenanigans of Scary Movie 5 begin when Charlie Sheen’s brother Dan (Simon Rex) and his wife, a wannabe rock-star called Jody (Ashley Tisdale) are left to raise his three children after Charlie’s mysterious death. Hilarity (well…) ensues when this ‘paranormal activity’ follows the children to their new home. Jody is in constant alert for this creature, which has befriended the children, and attempts to eradicate it from their home.

If, like me, you haven’t seen any of these movies before you’ll quickly realise that the film is trying to parody a number of popular films (and an unfortunately popular book too) from the last year or so. And I thought it was great that Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan could poke fun at themselves and their crazy lives at the beginning of the movie.

However, some of the supposedly funny moments were lost on me (and the rest of the audience), leaving us sitting in an awkward silence *cue crickets*

Apart from that though, I thought Scary Movie 5 was pretty good – if you are easily amused and like silly humour.

Scary Movie 5 will be out Australia wide on Thursday 11th April.

Rating: somewhere between 3/5 
Steph @ frangipani princess xoxo