Review: Sherlock – The Sign Of Three

The second episode of Sherlock Season Three aired yesterday, so without further ado, here’s a review.

Minor Spoilers Ahead:

The Sign Of Three revolves around the wedding of John Watson and Mary Morstan, in which Sherlock undertakes the role of Best Man.

We get to see the stag-night, in which Sherlock’s perfectly calculated plans to keep John just the right amount of tipsy go astray and end with them both spending the night in jail. Drunk Sherlock may just be the best thing I have ever seen, and his attempts at deduction while intoxicated make the episode. The joy in Lestrade’s face when he lets them out the next morning is also all kinds of beautiful.

Sherlock is very self-deprecating throughout The Sign Of Three, doubting his role in John’s life, especially what his role will be after the wedding. His Best Man’s speech is a definite highlight, as is the hug he shares with John. Flashbacks (heavily featuring the minor characters, also seen at the wedding) show the nerves and apprehension he had leading up to the wedding, and after last episodes shambles, are we finally getting some actual character development?! The standout theme of the speech is, “I will solve your murder, but it takes John Watson to save your life”, and it’s just one of the most beautiful, heartfelt nods to their friendship and the true role John plays in their partnership that we’ve seen in the show to date.

The episode jumped around, and although the action took back seat to the wedding, it was easy to get lost in some of the details.

While in the trailer for the episode it seemed as if the murderer at the wedding was going to be a Really Big Deal, the whole thing was really a minor side-note throughout the 90minutes. The crime wasn’t exactly a necessity, and almost felt like the writers felt they had to include a crime but didn’t quite get the time devoted to it right. Also, if I were the guest at a wedding and was told a murderer was on the loose, I wouldn’t be quite as chill as some of the guests at this wedding were. I did quite like how the crime Sherlock retold in his speech (featuring Alfie Enoch who plays Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter films) tied into everything in the end, though.

The episode ends with the revelation of what The Sign Of Three actually is, and Sherlock making “his first and last vow” to protect John and his family forever. The next, and final, episode of Season Three is titled “His Last Vow”, and so we can assume that this vow becomes challenging. We know that Mary is killed off in canon (I really hope she survives this season, as I quite like her), and fans are speculating that it is she who will be at the center of the storyline surrounding (canonical blackmailer) Charles Augustus Magnussen (who is played by Lars Mikkelsen, aka the brother of Hannibal superstar Mads).

Overall, the episode was heartwarming, enjoyable, and super cute, and pretty much what you’d hope for in a new episode from one of your favourite TV shows.

His Last Vow, the final episode of Sherlock Season Three airs in the UK next Monday morning (Australia time). There’s still no news on an Australian TV airdate for the season.

frangipani princess xoxo

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