Links To Start Your Week

I’m starting a new job this week, and so time available for posting will be significantly declined. In lieu of all the posts I’d ideally like to get up this week (I will get some posted, promise), have some links:

Have a great week!

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Links To Start Your Week

  1. I got Flynn for the Disney prince one (which I take to mean I *am* Flynn Ryder, to be honest), and Molly Hooper for the Sherlock one which I suppose I should have expected, haha.
    Also I’m still laughing at that Frozen post. Josh Gad is absolutely genius.

  2. I feel like the HP shagging post wasn’t very well thought through. Harry is the most socially awkward love interest (remember when his only response to kissing Cho was it was wet? From tears?) whereas Voldy was a sexy, charming badass who got all the bitches in his Hogwarts days. Pshh, people don’t know anything.

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