Review: Sherlock – The Empty Hearse (Part Two)

On Thursday, I wrote about the problematic aspects of the first episode of Sherlock Season Three. After a rewatch, and some time to ponder and browse tumblr, here’s a more general review. 

The much anticipated return of Sherlock (which does not yet have an Australian air-date) occurred on New Years Day, UK time. Season Three promised to answer the much conspired about question: Just How Did Sherlock Survive The Fall?

Warning: Spoilers ahead: 

While we may not have technically received an answer (or did we?), the episode was full of nods to fans and had many viewers exclaiming it was even better than they could have hoped for.

The episode was named for Anderson’s Sherlock fan/survival conspiracy club – The Empty Hearse (also a play on the classic Sherlock Holmes story, The Empty House). In this fan-club, ways in which Sherlock may have survived appeared to be taken straight from Tumblr, including a particularly memorable theory featuring a homosexual relationship between Sherlock and Moriarty.

While the club conspired, Sherlock did, in fact return. Bounding in and expecting John to be waiting faithfully for him at 221B Baker St, John was in fact, getting ready to propose to his girlfriend Mary Morstan. Mary was immediately likeable, although many fans fear for her future, knowing what occurs in classic Holmes. Sherlock’s deductions of her also repeatedly bring up the word “Liar”, something which I hope will be expanded upon in the next two episodes. John reacts angrily to Sherlock’s return (as was to be expected), however Mary urges him to forgive.

Sherlock’s reunions with the other main characters were short and ill-thought out, but heartfelt. The hug between Sherlock and Lestrade was so beautiful and paternal I nearly cried.

Mycroft – the standout character of the episode – informs Sherlock that there is an underground Terrorist organisation threatening London, and this becomes the background storyline. The episode jumps around, with a brief yet entertaining cameo from Benedict Cumberbatch’s real-life parents as Mr and Mrs Holmes, and other quickly skimmed over cases filling in time.

John is kidnapped by unknown assailants, and after Sherlock saves him, the road to forgiveness begins. This road is cemented in an abandoned train carriage where John believes his life is under threat, and thus opens his heart. Sherlock acts in an expectedly horrible way, however the scene ends with the pair restrengthening their relationship.

The episode ends with the old gang – John, Sherlock, Mrs Hudson, Lestrade, Molly, as well as Molly’s fiance and Mary – back together in 221B Baker St, before Sherlock voluntarily dons his deerstalker and fronts the press. The final shot is of a creepy man in a weird room watching the footage of John’s kidnapping. Who is he, and why were they after John? Well, there’s two more episodes of Season Three to look forward to for answers!

The Empty Hearse was not my favourite episode ever, and as I have previously outlined, I had numerous issues with how many aspects were portrayed. That said, it was entertaining and enjoyable, especially if you take off your critical thinking hat and sit down for a bit of fun.

The second episode of Sherlock Season Three, titled The Sign Of Three, will air in the UK Monday 6th January Australian time. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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