Preview: The Time Of The Doctor

With just twenty days until Christmas, we have a new promo picture for the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Titled “The Time Of The Doctor”, it is the episode in which we will see Matt Smith’s eleventh twelfth Doctor regenerate into Peter Capaldi’s twelfth thirteenth Doctor.

From this picture, and various sources floating around the internet, it looks like there will be a battle at Trenzalore between the Doctor and the Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, and Silence (which all seems a bit Pandorica, if you ask me).

Christmas specials are always a bit hit and miss, but Matt Smith deserves a good farewell, so let’s hope Moffat gives him one. Personally though, I’m less interested in what happens and more interested in what his last words will be. The Doctors have a history of some pretty awesome last words (except David Tennant’s whose final line just made me want to scream and throw things) so there’s a lot to live up to. There’s a rumour floating around that his last words have leaked , but if it’s true, I hope they’re a lot better in context.

Less than three weeks to go. Let’s do this!

frangipani princess xoxo

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