1D Day

Sunday (Australian time) is an exciting day for Whovians, but it’s also an exciting day for Directioners. Despite the fact that the 23rd of November has been the Doctor Who Anniversary for, well, fifty years, One Direction went ahead and chose that day for their international seven hour day of celebration. Much controversy and fandom fighting ensured, but at the end of the day, both are going ahead and have millions of fans eagerly anticipating the events.

Interestingly, it was announced today that 1D Day will be broadcast live into the “Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty on BBC3” which will feature a number of past Doctors and Companions. That’s the kind of decision that has the potential to make a lot of people very annoyed, but it’s also clever marketing. Although, it would be more effective if even one of the boys had ever even vaguely mentioned anything to do with Doctor Who.

1D Day, which will begin at 6am AEDT Sunday, will be broadcast on Youtube and Google+ and will feature numerous guest stars including Simon Cowell, Celine Dion, Robbie Williams, Piers Morgan, and The Muppets. It will also include behind the scenes footage, special plays of songs from Midnight Memories (which would have been more effective if the entire album hadn’t leaked), and Guinness World Record Attempts.

Fans have also had the opportunity to participate in 1D Day Challenges over the past few weeks, and will now be able to see some of their work showed live in the broadcast. Fans can also participate by using the hashtag  #1DDayLive, using the official Zappar App, and by playing along with the official 1D Day Quiz.

The boys will be also dropping into celebratory fan hangouts on Google+, as well as having a chat called One Big Drop In. You can find out more information about the hangouts here.

I’m a Directioner and a Whovian, but I’ll have to say I’m a lot more excited for the 50th Anniversary than I am for what is basically a giant live chat that, knowing the power of the Directioners, will probably just crash.

For the less cynical Directioners out there, it’s sure to be a fun day, and if I can stop crying over the fact that David Tennant will be back on my screen, I may tune in for a little while.

frangipani princess xoxo

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