The Day Of The Doctor: One Week To Go

In one week, it will be the most monumental day for Whovians since the relaunch of the series in 2005. Saturday the 23rd of November (which is Sunday the 24th of November for us Aussies) marks the 50th Anniversary of the very first time Doctor Who graced our television screens.

Yesterday, the BBC held it’s Children In Need gala and the BBC launched a special clip from the Anniversary Special. Needless to say, when David Tennant picked up that fez, I was well past hysterical. It’s no secret that Ten is my favourite Doctor, so to see him back, even if it is just for one seventy-five minute special, is well beyond my wildest dreams.

You can also watch the official trailer, and the mini-episode prequel, The Night Of The Doctor. In the prequel, we finally get to see the Eighth Doctor regenerate, which is a Pretty Big Deal (especially since none of the original run Doctors have been invited back for the special, which is causing minor controversy throughout the fandom).

Despite the controversy, fans (especially New Who fans like me who haven’t actually seen the original series, whoops) are super excited to see favourites David Tennant and Billie Piper back, but there has been speculation that Billie will not be reprising her role as much loved companion Rose Tyler. Will she be Rose? Will she be Bad Wolf? Will she be something else all together? I guess we’ll just have to try and survive the next seven sleeps and find out.

I’ll be celebrating the 50th by attending my lovely friend Mish’s Doctor Who themed sleepover party. What will you be doing to mark The Day Of The Doctor?

frangipani princess xoxo

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