Movie Review: RIPD

Being murdered by your best friend is a pretty crappy way to start your day, as former Boston Police Officer Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) would be able to tell you. His partner, Bobby Hayes (Kevin Bacon), shot him in the face after discovering he wanted to hand in the gold they stole from a crime scene. Nick finds himself being sucked into the afterlife, but at the last minute he is drawn into an office. It turns out he should have been headed for Hell, but he’s been chosen to join the RIPD, or Rest In Peace Department, instead. After being partnered with 1880s era US-Marshall Roy Pulsipher (Jeff Bridges), Nick returns to Boston, where he discovers the gold that led to his death might just lead to the end of the world, unless he and Roy can defeat some new enemies, and some unexpected old ones.

I went into RIPD with low expectations, based on the dismal reviews and box office earnings it received in its US run, but am pleased to report that I really and truly enjoyed the film.

It was the kind of movie you could watch without thinking (aka perfect for a busy uni student like me) but it wasn’t completely mindless. It was extremely funny, with some lines still making me laugh now, three days after seeing the film.

Jeff Bridges as Roy was the definite stand out of the movie. Almost everything he said had me in stitches, and that’s before the comedy that came from his earthly form being a busty woman. Some may accuse the humour of being low-brow, nobody could accuse it of being anything less than hilarious.

RIPD is not Oscar quality. It does not offer any deep realisations on the human condition. It is not beautiful, or spectacular, or any of the other gorgeous cinematic phrases you can think of. But it is fun, and enjoyable, and the kind of movie you can watch with your friends and a choc top and have a fun time. And really, what more could you ask for?

RIPD is out now in Australian cinemas through Universal Pictures.

Rating: 3.5/5

frangipani princess xoxo

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