Fandom: Black Milk Releases Harry Potter Collection

Forget high priced designer wears, cute fandom accessories are my fashion crack. If it references something I love, I need it to be a staple in my wardrobe like, ASAP.

While I went so far as to get a Harry Potter quote tattooed on my wrist in January, my mum will be very pleased to hear that Black Milk Clothing are releasing a brand new HP range so I can continue to show my fanaticism through cloth, instead of ink.

Sugarscape previewed the images, and from what they’ve shown us, I’m totally obsessed. I’m pretty sure the Snape dress is going to be my new Uni staple (hey, it’ll be a change from the Doctor Who shirt I’ve been pairing with everything recently!).




black-milk-deathlyhallowsWhile the prices for the Harry Potter range aren’t on the website yet, going off the Lord Of The Rings collection, we can expect to be paying around $80-$100 per item. Expensive? Yes. But so totally worth it.

frangipani princess xoxo

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