Watch: My TV List

Have a peek into my procrastination schedule with a look at the shows that I’ve become addicted to in recent months.

Warning, this post contains spoilers.



What It’s About

Will Graham is BFFs with Hannibal Lecter until he realises that Hannibal rhymes with Cannibal and just maybe he’s the serial killer the FBI has been hunting for months.

Why I Love It 

Hannibal is delightfully creepy, and Will Graham just needs a hug, and there’s more feels than the Hurt/Comfort section of any fanfiction directory.

Orphan Black


What It’s About


Why I Love It

Tatiana Maslany plays all of the clones and holy crap she does a brilliant job. If you’re fooled into thinking there has to be more than one actress, don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Teen Wolf


What It’s About

Hot, shirtless werewolves. And Stiles.

Why I Love It

Did you not just read the part where I said it’s about hot, shirtless werewolves?!



What It’s About

A fake psychic and an awesome bromance.

Why I Love It

I get icked out and depressed by regular crime shows, so Psych is a welcome breath of comedic air.



What It’s About

Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.

Why I Love It

That’s a question I ask myself every day. With so much heartbreak and pain, I can only assume it’s the desperate, dark humour that keeps me coming back. That, and Destiel.

Bates Motel


What It’s About

Norman Bates as an awkward teenager.

Why I Love It

I’ve never seen Psycho (my experiences of nearly being killed twice (TWICE!) by creepy Psycho related things at Universal Studios is more than enough for me, thank you), but knowing where Norman Bates ends up, it’s fascinating to see where it all began.

Orange Is The New Black


What It’s About

Upper-middle class white chick gets sent to jail.

Why I Love It

I’m not as obsessed as the rest of the world seems to be, but Orange Is The New Black is a humourous, moving account of life inside a women’s prison.

What have you been watching lately? 

frangipani princess xoxo

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