Fangirl Friday: Taylor Swift Lyrics That Make Me Cry

When we were fourteen, Toong and I hated Taylor Swift with a passion. We called her the Evil Squinty Eyed Bitch because she broke up with Joe Jonas and then blabbed about it everywhere. I’d never actually listened to her music, but seriously, how dare she make fun of Joe?!  I remember watching the episode of CSI that she starred in and laughing when her character died, before running to text Toong about how I wish it was real. Yep, I was that bad. Then one day I actually listened to one of her songs (Fifteen, if you’re curious) and I realised she was amazing and became a devoted member of Team Swift For Life.

While Toong and I have moved on from our T-Sweezy hating days, the rest of the world still seems stuck in the petty mean stage (I am rather proud of the fact we hated her before it was the cool thing to do, though). They focus on lyrics like “she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress” and call it slut shaming (when really it’s hilarious, but then again the song is about Camilla Belle who also broke Joe’s heart so really you shouldn’t listen to my opinion), rather than on the truly heartbreaking lyrics that can be found in some of her songs.

So, without any further ado, I give you my list of The Thirteen Taylor Swift Lyrics That Have Made Me Cry (recently):

  1. You come away with a great little story of a mess of a dreamer with the nerve to adore you – Cold As You
  2. Time turns flames to embers, you’ll have new Septembers. Every one of us has messed up too – Innocent
  3. Back then I swore I was gonna marry him some day, but I realised some bigger dreams of mine – Fifteen
  4. Wasn’t it beautiful when you believed in everything and everybody believed in you? – Innocent
  5. Who you are is not what you did – Innocent
  6. I just realised that everything I have is someday gonna be gone – Never Grow Up
  7. What if I really thought some miracle would see us through? What if the miracle was even getting one moment with you?  – Ronan
  8. No-one knows that you cry, and you don’t tell anyone that you might not be the golden one – Tied Togehter With A Smile
  9. You played in bars, you play guitar, I’m invisible and everyone knows who you are. And you’ll never see, sing me to sleep every night from the radio – Superstar
  10. I’m no-one special, just another wide-eyed girl who’s desperately in love with you – Superstar
  11. Will you take a moment, promise me this, that you’ll stand by me forever but if God forbid fate should step in and force us into a goodbye, if you have children some day, when they point at the pictures please tell them my name. Tell them how the crowds went wild, tell them how I hope they shine – Long Live
  12. I have an excellent father, his strength is making me stronger. God smiles on my little brother, inside and out he’s better than I am – The Best Day
  13. I’m so glad to see you smiling, it’s so good to hear your laugh. I think that you found you even missed yourself – Breathless

Does Ms Swift regularly make you sob? Or do you save your tears for One Direction? (Don’t worry, Moments makes me cry too…and so does Best Song Ever, and Kiss You, and okay all of their songs have brought me to tears.)

frangipani princess xoxo

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