Watch: Teenage Rebel

When I spoke to Alex Day earlier in the year, he had this to say about Chameleon Circuit’s song “Teenage Rebel” :
“I’m also very personally proud of Teenage Rebel because of how little it references Who. It’s the epitome to me of what fandom music should be; good music in its own right, not overtly referencey.”

And so, in honour of Youtube’s “Geek Week”, the band have turned that epitome of fandom music into a music video that represents ultimate personal fandom geekery.

It’s powerful, it’s adorable, and they got to film some of it on the actual TARDIS.

Chameleon Circuit are my favourite fandom band, so if you’re a Whovian who hasn’t heard of them (surely that’s impossible) look them up and use their tunes as a soundtrack to the wait for the 50th Anniversary Special (108 days!).

frangipani princess xoxo

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