Countdown Until The Twelfth

After months of speculation, the wait to find out who will be named as the Twelfth Doctor on BBC’s brilliant Doctor Who is almost over. At 7pm UK time this Sunday, the 4th of August (that’s around 4am Monday morning for us), a live broadcast will go to air on the BBC where Matt Smith and Steven Moffat will introduce the new Doctor.

I am so nervous. This is the first time in my history of watching Doctor Who that a new Doctor has been announced. With Moffat as showrunner, there is so much potential for it to go so horribly wrong (although, he did cast Benedict as Sherlock so he’s not always a complete failure). I do not care what race, or age the Doctor is, but far out, if it’s a woman I’m going to be pretty angry (and likely refuse to watch ever again after the 50th). No, that’s not being sexist, it’s just…here, let Paul Verhoeven (my totally nerd inspiration) explain it for you:

Please Moffat, I’m trying to trust you here, but seriously you have fifty years of brilliance in your hands, don’t stuff it up because the power’s gone to your head.

frangipani princess xoxo

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