Review: WWE Raw Live Tour

I am not a wrestling fan, but my brother watches the Fox8 broadcast numerous times a week, and so I was assigned chaperone for the 2013 WWE Live Tour Melbourne show.  Over the years, I have picked up some of the wrestler’s names; Hornswoggle and John Cena are definite stand out stars in my home. But outside of them, the obviously named Big Show, and the eternally creepy Undertaker, the WWE is a confusing mix of muscly men and sexualised women with similar sounding stage names. Just don’t let my brother hear you saying that. My brother, the WWE’s biggest Superfan, can tell you almost every wrestler’s name, height, weight, and hometown. He knows the wrestlers who have fathers in the Hall Of Fame, and what titles each wrestler has held. Obviously obsessive fan behaviour runs in my family.

pre-show selfies

pre-show selfies

I watched the majority of the matches with a mixture of boredom and slight interest, until John Cena came out for his match against Ryback. My brother was wearing a Ryback shirt, but he is John Cena’s number one fan, so he was torn when I asked him who he wanted to win. “Ryback Rocks, George, but Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect John Cena forever”. When John Cena’s theme music began (a song regularly heard in my house) I found myself cheering with the rest of the (totally full) arena. There’s just something about John Cena that even a seasoned wrestling critic such as myself can’t ignore. The match was a table match, for added amusement, which was excellent. For those of you who (luckily) do not know the finer points of a table match, basically to win the match you have to put your opponent through a table. Yep.

John Cena

John Cena

The definite highlight of the night, however, was a match that started out as a “Melbourne Streetfight” between Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose but soon transformed into a six man tag team event led by John Cena. My brother was almost crying with excitement when John Cena’s theme music started up again. He grabbed my arm and declared “The Shield have no hope now! John Cena is going to show them because they are haters and John Cena knows to rise above the hate”.

The thing about the WWE is that it actually is decent entertainment. I was not looking forward to the event, but by the end of it, I was having fun. It’s classic heroes vs. villains, and the audience loves the over the top theatrics. It’s entertaining, and brings joy to so many people. I won’t be shelling out my own money to attend next year, but if my brother needs someone to chaperone again, I’ll definitely be raising my hand.

The WWE brings it’s live tour to Australia in July/August each year. If you’re a fan, keep your eyes peeled early next year for ticket information. Tickets begin at around $60, and can go up into the $500+ range for ringside seats. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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