Frangi Chats To….Kendall Schmidt From Big Time Rush

I’m a huge fan of Big Time Rush, both as a TV show and a band, so when I heard they were coming to Australia for SlimeFest in September, I was rather excited.

I spoke to James at the beginning of the year, and after the SlimeFest announcement was made, I was given the opportunity to ask Kendall a few questions.


What are you most looking forward to about coming to Australia?

Swimming with sharks, chilling on the beach, seeing the Australia Zoo, going shopping, and hanging with some Aussies.

Can you describe your new album for us?

The new album has a more mature sound to it. If you listen to our old stuff and compare that to our new material, you can hear the difference. We’re really proud with this album.

(Note: 24/Seven, BTR’s new album, is available to download now through iTunes) 

Out of all of the music you’ve released, which song means the most to you and why?

Probably “Cover Girl” or “We Are”. I like “Cover Girl” because it reminds all the girls listening to the song that they are all Cover Girls to me. I like “We Are” because I feel it sums up who I am and who the fans are; “hearts like drums, you can hear us coming.”

Your “Rushers” are very dedicated. Have you had any really crazy fan experiences?

I once had a fan try to hand me a marriage certificate to sign, but disguised it as something else. Luckily, one of the security guys saw it before I signed it. So, I was almost married and didn’t know it.

What can we expect from Season Four of BTR?

I’m super proud of Season 4. We went bigger, better, and gave it our all. I think it’s the best season to date. Be on the lookout for celebrity guest appearances, new music videos, and more craziness from the guys and me.

Stay tuned for more BTR and SlimeFest news and announcements as September approaches!

frangipani princess xoxo

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