Nerd Crush: Stiles Stilinski

The very first time I watched The OC, I fell deeply in love with Seth Cohen. Unlike Ryan and a million other teenaged male main characters of TV shows, Seth was awkward, self-deprecating, nerdy, and absolutely perfect.

seth cohen 1
seth cohen 3
seth cohen 2

I have spent my teen years searching for my very own Seth Cohen (unsuccessfully, to this point, but if you know someone who fits the bill let me know), because let’s face it, he would be the best boyfriend ever.

But The OC had to end (I refuse to believe this occurred six years ago), and with it, the brilliance of Seth was confined to our DVDs. And while we have had some pretty cool guys grace our screens in the meantime, nobody has really come close to measuring up to Seth’s perfection.

And then Teen Wolf came along, and with it, Stiles Stilinski.

stiles 1

Stiles is played by Dylan O’Brien, an adorable dork in his own right, who you may also recognise from New Girl and The Internship.

dylan obrien2

dylan obrien1Stiles is the Seth Cohen of the new decade. He’s the dreamy nerd-crush we’ve been missing for six long, long years.

Representing the comic-relieving side kick, Stiles is always there for his BFF/Werewolf Scott. The son of the local Sheriff, Stiles is constantly appearing at crime scenes and finding out confidential information, much to the exasperation of his father. He’s quirky, hilarious, and the kind of guy you really, really wish attended your high school.

Stiles is also surrounded by mystery. We have no idea what his first name is, or any of his family’s history, despite knowing extensive back-stories for almost every other character. Sexy, hilarious, dorky, and mysterious? What’s not to love?!

Plus, there’s the whole thing with Sterek (that’s Stiles/Derek, for those of you who aren’t into fandom), which Dylan totally ships (and Stiles totally knows it’s inevitable, as much as he loves Lydia. Why else would he continually ask Danny if he found him attractive?!)


Teen Wolf is currently in it’s third season, and if you’re not already addicted, I have no idea what you’re waiting for.

frangipani princess xoxo

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