Listen: English Rulers Song/Royal Baby Names

With the wait for the Royal Baby seemingly never ending (although twitter is rumouring that Kate is now inside the hospital), the world has had more than enough time to discuss (and discuss, and discuss) baby names. This has done two things:

1. Convince me that the baby needs to be named Arthur so we can finally have a King Arthur

2. Made sure the English Rulers song from Horrible Histories is permanently stuck in my head

One of my (absolutely useless) party tricks is being able to list every English ruler since William The Conqueror (thanks entirely to this song), and awaiting the birth of a future Monarch is one of the only times it will be vaguely relevant. Like, did you know that the third King of England was named Stephen, and this is the only male ruler name not to have been repeated. Why not bring back good old King Steve?!

Betting odds are on the baby being named George (you know, if it is a boy, which I think it will be), which would eventually make him King George VII, the last King George being his great-great grandfather.

The wait may be over in a matter of hours, but even so, you have more than enough time to memorise the song and pick your own favourite previous-monarch name to bet on! Or, you could do something constructive with your time.

frangipani princess xoxo

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