Listen: Best Song Ever

While the much anticipated film clip for One Direction’s new single “Best Song Ever” is still a whole day away (how will my fangirl soul cope?!), the song is available to (legally) download now!

I’m in love with the song (especially the chorus – “I think it went oh oh ohhhh, I think it went yeah yeah yeahhhh”) and will annoy everyone around me by singing it constantly for the next week (month/year).

It’s pretty obvious the gorgeous boy band can do no wrong when it comes to releasing perfect music (and you know, existing).

My favourite line in the song is, “Said her name was Georgia Rose” because duh, it’s obviously a sign from the Fandom gods. I don’t have a middle name, but it could very easily be Rose if I pretended (also willing to legally change my name). Boys, when you’re here in October (my tickets arrived the other day and I may have cried), I’ll happily stay up all night “dancing” with you to the Best Song Ever.

Best Song Ever is available for download now on iTunes through Sony Music. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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