Watch: Music Video Overload

It’s been a big few days for my favourite kind of pop music, with music videos being released left, right, and center. Here’s my highlights from what’s floating around (featuring The Jonas Brothers, One Direction, Demi Lovato, and Victoria Justice).

Jonas Brothers – First Time

The gorgeous Jonas Boys are back with the film clip for their newest song, “First Time”. The playful clip is set in Vegas (and from the not-so-subtle logos, I’m assuming based at Planet Hollywood) and features the boys, their loved ones, and their band-members. Keep your eyes peeled for Dani, Jack Lawless, Garbo, Ryan, and John Taylor (plus bonus Lola, John’s fiancee).

Vegas is so much fun, and while Joe (of course it’s Joe) shows off his gambling skills, the others have a rocking pool party and film parts of the clip themselves with handheld cameras.

It’s a super happy clip that suits the song perfectly, and definitely made this Jonas Fangirl smile and smile and smile.

The boys have announced their new album will be titled “V” (that’s “Five”) and should be released this year. Be still my fangirl heart.

I’m having trouble embedding the clip, so here’s a link to where it premiered, and I’ll update with an embedded version when I can.

Demi Lovato – Made In The USA

Dem-Demz is flawless, as usual, in her latest film clip. The clip is simultaneously set in an old-school carnival (every girl’s dream, right?) and following the love story of a couple torn apart by war (interestingly, Demi doesn’t play the female half).

Made In The USA was one of my favourite songs from her latest (self-titled) album, and this beautiful clip definitely does the song justice. The powerful silence at the beginning of the clip, and the gorgeous settings, and essence of the love story shown make this one a definite hit.

One Direction – Best Song Ever Teaser Trailer 2 (5 Days To Go)

The second teaser trailer for Best Song Ever features Mr. Liam Payne as Leroy, a middle-aged choreographer. Interesting to note they avoided placing Harry and Louis in the obviously homosexual role, and I’m sure they’ll be the ones with love interests to try and keep those persistent rumours quiet.

The Five Days To Go trailer features more of what we saw yesterday, really, but excitement is building for the song reveal (lol jks, it got leaked. You can listen here)

Stay tuned for a new trailer tomorrow!

Victoria Justice – Gold

Ms. Justice’s fabulous new single, “Gold”, features the extremely attractive Colton Haynes (of Teen Wolf fame – yum!) in the new video.

The song is cute and catchy, and very Nickelodeon-based bubblegum pop. The only part I don’t love is the awkward semi-rap near the end. It’s sure to be a hit amongst the tween crowd who will love singing along to the addictive tune.

But seriously, Colton Haynes is gorgeously awkward and you should watch the video just to witness his perfection.

frangipani princess xoxo

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