J.K. Rowling Has A New Book (Stay Calm Everyone)

While I’m a huge Harry Potter fan (and have the tattoo to prove it), I’m not as much of a J.K. Rowling groupie as some others in the fandom. I bought a copy of The Casual Vacancy when it was released, but it’s still sitting on my shelf, waiting for the eventual day when I find myself in the mood to read it.

However, this morning I read the news that Ms. Rowling had released a new novel under a sneaky pseudonym and my interest was engaged.

Under the name of “first time writer” Robert Galbraith, the billionaire author has written a crime novel titled The Cuckoo’s Calling.

Rowling has stated that she “had hoped to keep this secret a little longer…because being Robert Galbraith has been such a liberating experience.” She goes on to say that “It has been wonderful to publish without hype or expectation and pure pleasure to get feedback under a different name.”

So far the novel, which tells the story of a model who falls to her death, has received positive (albeit limited) reviews. After this revelation, however, I’m sure sales (which, since its release in April, were around 1500 when the news broke) will skyrocket as diehard fans rush to read more of their “Queen’s” writing.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about A Cuckoo’s Calling in coming days.

Are you excited to read a new book from JKR, or are you, like me, holding on to the hope that she’ll write a companion to the Harry Potter series (Maruaders Era! Next Gen! Think of the possibilities!)?

frangipani princess xoxo

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