Frangi Chats To…The Knights Of The Round Table

Steph and I attended Supanova Sydney last weekend, and we made it our aim to sit down and chat to someone from the Merlin cast. Because we’re amazingly awesome, we got to grab the Knights of the Round Table, aka Sir Gwaine (Eoin Macken), Sir Percival (Tom Hopper), and Sir Leon (Rupert Young), for a quick chat (with a lot of emphasis on the quick) before they left the convention.

When you google their names together, this is the picture that comes up (we're not complaining!)

When you google their names together, this is the picture that comes up (we’re not complaining!)

So here’s five minutes with The Merlin Knights!

Did you know much about the Arthurian Legend before you joined the show? Did you know any of the history, any of the stories or was it all a new thing?

Tom: The most I knew was, I used to watch a cartoon called ‘Arthur and the Knights of Justice’ which was a cartoon that was out when I was a kid and King Arthur was a quarterback for American football and his knights were all like his teammates and stuff and he got taken back in like a time machine and he became King Arthur. That’s my knowledge of the Arthurian Legend.

Rupert: I’d seen the title and cover of a book and I was going to read it but then Leon was a made up knight so I was like I should create my own story…

Eoin: I knew a little bit of it and when I got in Katie [McGrath] gave me the books of Gawain and the Green Knight and all that kind of stuff.

Rupert: How many books did she give you?

Eoin: About four.

Tom: A library.

Eoin: So I’ve got a mini collection of books I’ve never read. I’m joking, I’ve read them. No I knew a bit about it because I’m Irish we know all those kind of stories.

We wanted to ask you about Cold, your movie. Can you tell our readers what it’s about?

Tom: Basically it’s about two brothers who are from, I guess, a dysfunctional family who have had many issues and one of the brothers comes back after being away for a long time after the father has died and it’s about these two brothers going through a really tough time and how they’re dealing with it and you discover a few things along the way about the two of them.

Eoin: And they also find a girl on the moors and they’re not sure if she’s dead or alive and it’s kind of a darker, tormented tale which kinda…It’s a lot of conflict and it’s also the resolution and love and the catharsis of these two brothers and they’re kind of story together.

Do you have any idea if it is coming out in Australia?

Eoin: It most definitely will be coming out in Australia. We don’t know when yet, we’re going to start doing festivals in a couple of weeks and maybe do some festivals in Melbourne and stuff and try and maybe get it released hopefully by the spring.

Our spring or your spring?

Tom: Um, our spring.

Okay, our autumn

Tom: So it will be out next year.

Would you guys like to be a knight, if that was a thing that still existed?

Eoin: It would be kind of like being in the army wouldn’t it?

Tom: I was going to say it would be like being some kind of fighter of some sort

Eoin: Like being a navy seal.

Tom: Yeah I guess the closest thing these days would be yeah a soldier or something

Rupert: We have knights. You can be knighted for like services to like the arts or something. Yeah the queen gets the swords out.

Tom: Sir Patrick Stewart. He’s a knight.

Rupert: That’s one of them, yeah. Sir Ben Kingsley.

Tom: I wouldn’t mind being having a Sir. Sir Tom Hopper…that would be good. I’d take that.

Rupert: You’d have to be Sir Thomas Hopper.

Tom: Sir Thomas. Sir Thomas Edward Hopper, that’s my middle name, that, in case you were wondering why I just randomly said Edward.

Rupert: Yeah I think it would be good. I think it would be cool to be a knight.

What do you guys have happening next?

Rupert: Perth on Thursday

Tom: We have a meal in about 2 hours..

All: (laughs)

Tom: I’m doing a series called Black Sails which is a pirate show done by Starz Network and we just finished filming in South Africa so it’s coming out in January next year.

Rupert: I’m doing something called the White Queen done by the Starz Network as well, and the BBC. It’s a hybrid.

Eoin: I’m doing a show on NBC called Night Shift. I play an American doctor and we start shooting in August.

I had to pay for this photo, but it was worth every cent

I had to pay for this photo, but it was worth every cent

The guys were extremely lovely, taking time to take to chat to us not only before and after the interview, but also while they signed items for us throughout the weekend (they also give amazing hugs, just FYI).

Stay tuned for Tom and Eoin’s new film, Cold, and for their upcoming TV shows! We’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Georgie and Steph @ frangipani princess xoxo

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