Movie Review: Monsters University

By Jess Lim

It’s been 12 years since Sulley and Mike graced the big screen in the beloved Disney Pixar movie Monsters, Inc. and now ‘Kitty’ and ‘Mike Wazowski’ are back in the much-anticipated prequel Monsters University.

Whilst the original movie focused on Monsters, Inc. a power company in the city of Monstropolis where power is generated by scaring children; Monsters University is set exactly where the title alludes to—Monsters University or ‘M.U.’ as it is referred to throughout the movie. Instead of centring on the shenanigans that Mike and Sulley have to face as they try to return Boo to her door; Monsters University shows how Mike and Sulley meet at M.U., become enemies, enter a university competition called the ‘Scare Games’ with a loveable bunch of misfits who are in a sorority called Oozma Kappa, and ultimately form one of the best bromances ever in animated history!

I can still remember the first time that I watched Monsters, Inc. as a child and how amazed I was at the creativity of the whole premise of the movie. Now watching Monsters University, as a university student myself, all sorts of nostalgia came flowing back.  I loved how the creators decided to set the movie in a university, as the audience that watched the original as kids, are now totally able to identify with the whole university setting. Furthermore, it was funny how accurately Monsters University paralleled real life university experiences. It was amazing how they portrayed the MU campus, clubs and classrooms; and  little things like a monster  drinking ten cups of coffee before going into an exam struck a chord with many older viewers (and in the movie theatre I was in, there was not a single person under the age of 15.)

However, if you are unfamiliar with the original Monsters movie or didn’t grow up with this movie as a child…never fear!! This movie is filled with hilarity that will have adults, teens and children doubling over in laughter; and watching the original movie is not a prerequisite required to understand the storyline in Monsters University (although it does help if you’ve seen the original to understand all the small nuances, identify characters from the first movie etc.) Furthermore, the new characters in this movie are absolutely endearing—the members of Oozma Kappa will make you feel all fuzzy and warm inside. I have to say, the animation in this movie was absolutely flawless. The design and graphics of the M.U. campus and little things like the grass in the university looked so real, as well as the design of the monsters themselves (the creativity of the animators and the creators never fails to amaze me.)

Monsters University is a great show with a lot of heart that focuses on friendship, teamwork and pursuing your dreams. It definitely lived up to the greatness of its original movie, and alas, the great legacy of Monsters, Inc. lives on!

 Rating: 4.5/5

Jess @ frangipani princess xoxo

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