Listen: First Time, The Jonas Brothers

My favourite band in the whole entire world, The Jonas Brothers, have released the newest single off their upcoming album today. Titled “First Time”, the single is as amazing as you’d expect from the outrageously talented trio.

While the lines “make it feel like the first time” may have sexual connotations (no? just my mind in the gutter?), the boys are advertising the single with trips down memory lane, such as “remember the first time you listened to a JB song?”, and “remember the first live-chat you tuned into?”. As far as I can tell, they’re taking the song to mean “listening to this song makes you feel like the first time you discovered the epicness that is The Jonas Brothers”.

I’ll admit to shedding some tears the first time I heard it. This new album is going to be the greatest thing ever (and maybe we’ll finally get to see them down under!).

If we’re going to be official, here’s the teaser they uploaded to their twitter page (note the amazing John Taylor):

And if we’re going to be fangirls, here’s a full version of the song:

For memory’s sake, and keeping with the theme of the song, here’s the film clip that introduced me to The Jonas Brothers for The First Time six years ago (I may or may not have started crying re-watching it just then. I have a lot of Jonas related feelings, okay):

Run (don’t walk) to iTunes right now and grab your copy of First Time.

frangipani princess xoxo

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