Gig Review: Joe Brooks

My thirteen year old self’s dream came true last night when I got to meet Joe Brooks.
meandjoeFor those of you who don’t know who Joe is, he’s an amazing British singer who rose to relative fame back in the days of Myspace. Toong and I fell in love with his music when we were in about year eight, and over the years I’ve kept it on my iPod and continued to follow him on twitter. I wouldn’t call myself an obsessed fan, but after five years, there’s a definite soft spot for him in my heart. So when I heard he was coming to Australia to play one intimate acoustic gig, I knew I had to go.

I bought a VIP ticket, which meant I got to go in forty-five minutes early and meet Joe. He was so lovely, and took so much time with every single fan. It was brilliant. You could tell he truly cared about each and every fan that was there, and when we thanked him for coming, he thanked us for allowing it to happen.

The gig was at Venue 505 in Surry Hills, a cute little bar/restaurant/performance space. It sat 160 people around tables, so we got to eat and chat while we waited. The chilled out, candle-lit environment was so perfectly suited to watching Mr. Brooks.

What I loved about the size was the calmness and dedication of everyone there. Unlike 5SOS last weekend, there was no crazy fangirl screaming, just true fans singing along to their favourite songs.

Joe played twelve songs, including my favourites “Holes Inside” and “Six String Soldier”. Because it was such a small gig, he took time to interact with the audience, and at one point left the stage to perform in the middle of the crowd. The average age of the audience would have been about fifteen, and there were quite a few girls with supervising parents in attendance. Joe made a few R rated jokes, such as that he moved to LA to become a porn star, and then got super embarrassed and apologised profusely to all of the young fans. It was beyond adorable.

He performed for just over an hour, and then was nice enough to stay behind so everyone who didn’t have a VIP ticket could meet him and have things signed.

Joe was absolutely brilliant live, and his absolute pure talent was extremely obvious. Often, you go to a gig and the live artist just doesn’t live up to their recordings (*cough* Miley Cyrus *cough*). Joe was the exact opposite. I had thought his albums were perfection, but hearing him live took my love for him to a whole new level.

If you missed this gig, you should get on iTunes right now and buy his brand new album, “The Boy And The Broken Machine”, follow him on twitter, and watch his film clips on youtube. The more support he gets here, the sooner he’ll be able to come back.

frangipani princess xoxo

ps. I did take lots of photos, but unfortunately by iPhone/laptop are being stupid and won’t let me upload them.

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