Gig Review: 5 Seconds Of Summer

I don’t know when it happened, because I still feel it, but apparently I’m not actually fifteen anymore.
This is a fact that hit me over the head (well, eardrum) repetitively last night at the 5 Seconds Of Summer Sydney concert.

The average age of the audience was approximately 14.3 (or twelve, as I liked to report on twitter), and boy can girls that age squeal. There were tears, there was hyperventilation, and then there was me, watching from the sidelines (occasionally with my hands over my ears).

A guy named Sean Emmett opened. Apparently he was on Young Talent Time. I’d never heard of him (to be honest, I totally forgot YTT was even a thing that happened), but he was pretty talented. Opening for 5SOS should be a huge career jump up for him (and even if it’s not, he got to experience girls sobbing while hugging him in the audience).

The 5SOS boys were amazing. I’ve been a fan for a while now, and they definitely don’t disappoint live. My personal highlights included Heartbreak Girl and Try Hard, although there wasn’t a song I didn’t enjoy (although they did cover Year 3000 which, come on, we all know only the Jonas Brothers can do). They also threw giant beach balls around the audience during the finale (as opposed to the random objects girls threw on stage throughout the performance, such as rolls of toilet paper? I don’t even know) which was super fun.

They’re all super talented and super attractive, and it’s obvious to see why they’re becoming as famous as they are. My favourite is Luke (or, as I described him on twitter “the one who’s not the drummer and doesn’t have dark hair), but as far as I could tell, they were all amazing. Audience interaction was pretty low, but considering anytime they stopped singing everyone just screamed and threw things at them, I can kind of understand.

From Sean beginning to lights up, the whole concert took just under two hours. The boys would have been on stage for about an hour. It felt like it wasn’t really long enough, but I suppose it was a Sunday and 99.9% of the audience had school this morning. I also may just be used to going to huge concert spectaculars where sets are around two hours.

The only downside to the whole thing was the screaming teenagers. I’m not kidding when I say they pretty much broke my ears. A lot of it was totally unnecessary as well (or maybe that’s just me becoming a grumpy old lady). I’m a fangirl as much as the next person, but sometimes I feel teenagers just jump on bandwagons for the sake of it (like, 5SOS are supporting 1D, so they decide to like them, and then go over the top because they can). Extreme intensity should be reserved for your absolute favourites. Like, I cried when I saw Miley Cyrus sing 7 Things, and if the Jonas Brothers ever come I will be a total wreck, sobbing on the ground, but when it’s a band I am just a fan of, like 5SOS, I understand how to be chill. Maybe that’s something you learn with age, though.

If you missed seeing 5 Seconds Of Summer on this “Pants Down” tour, don’t fear, because they’ll be back in October supporting my babies One Direction on the Take Me Home Tour  (which I’m assuming you’re all going to because hello, One Direction).

frangipani princess xoxo

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