Pop Culture Tears

Warning: SPOILERS Ahead

I’m a very emotional person. I’m especially emotional when it comes to fictional characters, and am prone to fits of hysterical crying (just ask my parents who exasperatedly put up with it for almost nineteen years).

For your depressing reading, here are some top heart-shattering “oh my god no why” moments from my favourite fandoms.

When The Master won’t regenerate

And The Doctor’s face is the very definition of pain because even if he was evil, he was still someone from his past. He was a Time Lord, and finally, he wasn’t alone. And then it was all torn away from him.

When The Tenth Doctor falls through the roof in The End Of Time pt2 and realises that it’s Wilf knocking four times. 

He had been so sure it was The Master (and hadn’t we all), but then he’s back on earth and he’s alive, and you hear the four knocks and your heart sinks because you know who’s knocking and what’s going to come next.

Followed, of course, by

I Don’t Want To Go

Has there been four sadder words in television history? I cried for about half an hour after finishing this episode before my mum came to see what was wrong. All I could manage was “HE DIDN’T WANT TO GO MUM, WHY DID HE HAVE TO GO?!” For some reason she thought I was overreacting.

When The Doctor goes back to Donna’s house and she doesn’t know who he is

I will argue to death on this one: Donna’s departure is the saddest companion moment in the history of ever. She had changed and developed SO MUCH as a character and then is left back at square one. It may have been sad when Rose left, but at least she had her memories. Donna was left with nothing but her superficiality and low self-esteem and could there be anything more heart breaking?

Alone On The Water


The Sherlock fic that irreparably crushes your soul, Alone On The Water is pain wrapped in heartbreak squared.  It conjured feelings I didn’t know I had, and left me sobbing on the ground (click image to reach fic).

Twist And Shout


I thought I could deal with fanfic pain after Alone On The Water, but Twist And Shout proved me wrong. I had never thought that the words “I can dig Elvis” would make me cry, but I can’t think about them without tearing up any more. It’s a Destiel fic set in Vietnam War times and if that description isn’t enough to make you realise the pain that’s ahead, consider this a warning (click image to go to fic).

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two

Sometimes I think about Harry Potter being over forever and I start to cry. I started sobbing halfway through the midnight screening and couldn’t stop for two hours. Why did it have to end?!

The Reichenbach Fall when John says “Please, don’t be dead” 


Looking For Alaska

“Please sir…Can we please wait for Alaska?”

My friend Kate argues that LFA was too predictable, but that doesn’t make the pain of “what is an instant death, anyway?” any easier to bear.

The Fault In Our Stars

“I lit up like a Christmas tree, Hazel Grace”

It’s a cancer novel, I get that. You go in expecting pain. But I jumped on the Nope train to Nopesville once I realised what was going to happen.

There are, of course, so many more moments that have had me sobbing into my pillow (Supernatural, Merlin, or Torchwood, anyone?!) but I thought I would leave it at ten. If you feel like putting yourself through a bit more pain, however, this tumblr post or this youtube video that used it as inspiration, will have you crying into the next century.

What fictional moments have torn out your heart? 

frangipani princess xoxo

2 thoughts on “Pop Culture Tears

  1. I know you mentioned Merlin but oh my goD the finale was just soul-destroying, heart-shattering pain. I think I actually cried for days. And whoever it was that put the last scene to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri can just die in a hole because that song now makes me tear up every damn time I hear it. Merthur ❤ (and my baby gwaine did not fail!)

    • Just wanted to write Merlin Series 5 Finale. Somebody understands.
      I also cry at nearly every series finale in history.
      Also LotR, when Frodo turns around one last time before he sails away with the elves… *sigh*.
      And if talking about Sherlock, it’s the line: “I was so alone, and I owe you so much.”, that always gives the last final twinge in my nose and after that I have to cry for at least half an hour. It’s not getting better so far.
      I life my life in severe fear of Season 3.

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