JEDWARD: A Fangirl Post

These past few days have been an absolute blur for me.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 8.59.52 AM

It all started with a phone call on Monday afternoon from the lovely Ben Harlum, producer of The Bump Show. Before I knew it, I was sitting in the 2DayFM studios watching as Jedward sprinted into the studio and hosted the show. While songs played and ad breaks occurred, the boys left the Bump Studio to come and talk to myself and fellow fan Justin. I was nervously tapping on my phone, and it took a while but finally Ben came over and whispered to me “The boys are really embarrassed because they didn’t realise you were a fan – they thought you were one of our professional workers”. Once we all sorted out who we were, the boys were beyond lovely. I got to go into the studio with them for around ten minutes. Edward gave me the biggest hug while I was asking them a question on air, and then we bonded over our love of Tim Horton. We took selfies, and chatted for ages, before I had to go back down to the lobby while they did some extra recording.


While in the lobby, I met some amazing fans who kept me company while we waited for the boys to finish up recording and come back down. When they came down, they hugged everyone, and took photos with everyone who was waiting. Some of the fans had been there since 7am, and they were so grateful. The boys hung around for ages, just generally chatting with us. When we eventually got kicked out of the building, they stayed with us on the footpath outside. You couldn’t ask for cooler guys.


Content with meeting the inspirational twins, I was ready to tick it off the bucket list. But the lovely fans convinced me to join them at Sunrise on Tuesday morning. After sleeping in, and buses mysteriously disappearing, I managed to make it to Sunrise in the nick of time. Seeing my boys perform was amazing, and if you were watching, you would have even seen my awkward face squealing in the crowd. Here’s Jedward performing Young Love (wearing awesome jackets made by the ever-so-lovely Fiona) on Sunrise:

I was ready to head back to Uni (and to my compulsory tutorial) when I once again managed to have my arm twisted by the fans, and found myself in a taxi heading to the Channel Nine studios where the boys were going to film Mornings. We were sitting on the footpath outside the studios when a producer came out. She told us the boys had heard we were waiting, and wanted us in the studio while they performed. We all started freaking out, and were taken into a holding bay outside the studio (where journalism idols like Paula Joye, Bronwyn McCahon, and Lisa Wilkinson all walked past us!). After about twenty minutes, we were let in, and instructed to stand on the stage next to the hosts, David Campbell and Gretel Killeen. The boys waved at us, and told us to rock out. So we did. And about halfway through the performance David sprinted down to join the boys, and so, of course, we all followed. Never in a million years did I think I would be on national TV dancing with John and Edward rocking out to Happens In The Dark on either side of me, and giving us all hugs.


It was…an unbelievable experience. After the performance the boys hugged us, took photos with us, and talked to us, until we were literally kicked off the set. It was amazing.Check it out here, but excuse my awkwardness.

After the excitement of Mornings, we all headed into the city as the boys had told us they would be at Nova that afternoon.

The boys turned up as promised (despite the receptionist telling us “they had no record of Jedward”) and there was much squealing and many hugs.


They chatted with us for ages until their mum literally dragged them away so they could go and talk to Smallzy. We waited, and before we knew it, they were back. A few more hugs later, they sat down with us to watch their performance on Mornings – which none of us had seen. About halfway through the performance, John said “wow guys, how weird is this. You’re watching Jedward WITH Jedward”

jedwardwithjedwardThat silenced us all for a moment, as the true awesomeness of the situation set in on us. Here we were, a group of fans who for so long had needed to be content with watching these amazing boys on youtube. And we were, again, watching them on Youtube, but this time they were sitting amongst us. Talking to us like friends. Treating us like equals. I almost started crying.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 8.58.39 AM

John and Edward…I don’t even know how to explain it. Just being around them has made me happier than I have been in a very long time. They have an infectious energy that just makes you forget about all your worries. They’re so kind, and caring, and down to earth. They also give the best hugs in the history of the world.

The fans I met on the very first day at The Bump have now been bonded to me. In a way that only fandom can, I now call them friends. And they are the most amazingly exceptional people. They made amazing clothes for the boys, the travelled from around the country (and for one girl, from Hong Kong!), they woke up at five am every morning to catch a glimpse of the boys. I was lucky in that I have somehow made contacts that made meeting the boys easier (by easier I mean I have literally walked in to situations others have only dreamed about), but their dedication astounds me, and I am so glad they got to spend so much time with the boys, and get the interactions they so deserve.

I am going to miss John and Edward. I am going to miss them so much I started crying on a bus thinking about it. But as the boys said to me, no situation is ever so bad that you can’t make it into a positive somehow. And my positive is that I got to meet two of my biggest inspirations. I got to meet them numerous times, including in two situations where it was just me and them. I got to hug them, I got to talk to them, I got to experience their amazingness. And so many people haven’t had that opportunity. And yes, I’m devastated that they will no longer be a part of my daily life, but I have the memories to live on until they decide to come back (and I can do it all over again!). In the words of Team Starkid:

I don’t want to see you go, but it’s not forever, not forever. And even if it was, you know that I would never let it get me down. Cos you’re the part of me that makes me better wherever I go, so I will try not to cry, cos no-one needs to say goodbye. 

frangipani princess xoxo

4 thoughts on “JEDWARD: A Fangirl Post

  1. Hey, i’m just wondering how you got to be an intern when you’re only in your first year at uni? And how/what for/why you were invited into the studio to hang with Jedward? You are living the life, girl! 🙂 x

    • Hey! So I did lots of work experience in high school, and when I told them I was moving to Sydney, they offered me a position. It had a lot to do with luck though.
      And the producer of the radio show, Ben, and I have been tweeting for a while and he occasionally gets me to talk about things on the show. He knows I love Jedward, and so he asked if I wanted to meet them. It was so lucky, seriously! My whole life is!!

  2. So lovely Georgie! I’m so pleased for all the Aussie fans who got to spend time with them – they are truly the best young men on the planet – well, Planet Earth – and definitely Planet Jedward 🙂

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