Supanova: The Supastars

Last weekend (13th/14th), I abandoned my assignments to head to Melbourne for Supanova 2013. It was my second time at the convention (the first being in 2011 when I met Tom Felton *swoon*), and my first on a Media Pass.

I spent most of the weekend in the FilmInk Features room, watching Q&A panels from the amazing SupaStar guests. Here is some of what went down:

The Guest: Ray Park

Picture Courtesy of Ana at YouBeautie News

Picture Courtesy of Ana at YouBeautie News

Where You Know Them: Darth Maul in Star Wars, Snake Eyes in G.I. Joe
Fun Facts:

  • Entered the room accompanied by the audience singing The Imperial March, and flanked by people CosPlaying Star Wars characters
  • He’s an expert at martial arts, and does all his own stunts in films
  • His favourite Star Wars movie is “The Empire Strikes Back”
  • At the end of a panel, he got a young boy cosplaying Darth Maul to come to the front and help him out with Light Saber tricks

What They Had To Say: “I’m a fan too”, “I believed everything in films…it inspired me”

The Guest: Rose McGowan
Where You Know Them: Paige in Charmed
Fun Facts: 

  • Her greatest influence is reading
  • Her first season on Charmed, and the final season, where her favourites
  • Is now directing indie productions
  • Has just been signed to Dolly Parton’s manager and hopes to release an album soon
  • Her greatest accomplishment was her role in “Southie”
  • “Coma White” was Marilyn Manson’s nickname for her, and all slow songs on his album ‘Mechanical Animals’ are about her in some way

What They Had To Say: “I love a good death”, “I’ll always be a hardcore indie person”,  “It’s always more fun killing people”

The Guest: Michael Rosenbaum
Where You Know Them: Lex Luther in Smallville
Fun Facts: 

  • He is SUPER attractive
  • Always wanted to be an actor
  • Was the SupaStar with the most interactive panel. He walked around and chatted to everyone in the audience which was awesome
  • Christopher Reeve’s appearance on Smallville was a huge inspiration for him
  • On set, he was always goofing around as playing Lex was an extremely intense role
  • He has just directed his first film, and hopes to do more in the future
  • He says he owed it to the fans to come back for the final episode of Smallville

What They Had To Say: “I like being evil”, “It was great playing the bad guy”

The Guest: Stephen Hunter, Dean O’Gorman, Graham McTavish
Where You Know Them: Bombur, Fili and Dwalin in The Hobbit
Fun Facts: 

  • On set, Martin Freeman was constantly trying to make everyone laugh, especially by pulling faces while others were on camera
  • The costumes were extremely large (especially Bombur’s), and they were very hot to act in. When in costume and damp, the stunt-man for Bombur weighed 188kg.
  • The fake hands they had to wear made doing things very difficult
  • The most special scene to film was at Bag End, as it had such a legacy attached to it

What They Had To Say: “Every day was unexpected”, “Fili is a character to aspire to”

The Guest: Adam Baldwin

Picture Courtesy of Ana at YouBeautie News

Picture Courtesy of Ana at YouBeautie News

Where You Know Them: Jayne in Firefly
Fun Facts:

  • While filming on a particularly hot day, he put bags of gummy worms all over Nathan Fillion’s car
  • He and the cast were (very understandably) depressed when Firefly was cancelled
  • Loves the philosophy Mal Reynolds has towards life
  • He’s currently creating a graphic novel, and hopes it will turn into more in the future

What They Had To Say: “Typecasting’s not bad, it’s a living”

The Guest: Jason Trost and Lucas Till
Where You Know Them: Soon to be All Superheroes Must Die (but really, you know Lucas from The Hannah Montana Movie and You Belong With Me)
Fun Facts:

  • The film only took three months to create, from first conception to final wrap
  • Plans for the film were underway long before Lucas got cast in X-Men
  • The film was completely self-funded, and cost around $30,000 all up
  • The film explores the psychological sides of being a superhero, and they were surprised it hadn’t already been created
  • Film released here later this year

What They Had To Say: “I think there’s a much darker side of superheroes”, “Being a superhero is really hard…there’s so many real world problem you would have…it’s an addiction”

The Guest: Natalia Tena

Picture Courtesy of Ana at YouBeautie News

Picture Courtesy of Ana at YouBeautie News

Where You Know Them: Tonks in Harry Potter, Osha in Game of Thrones
Fun Facts:

  • David Thewlis is the funniest co-star she’s worked with
  • Prefers the Game of Thrones set to the Harry Potter set, as GoT is filmed in Belfast, away from her usual home
  • If she had a patronus it would be an otter
  • She doesn’t get recognised or stopped in the street
  • A girl in the audience asked her to be her first kiss, she agreed and said she felt she had been part of something magical
  • Loved dying in Harry Potter, but wish she had more of a death scene

What They Had To Say: “I want to see me on the Iron Throne”

The Guest: Eliza Dushku

Picture Courtesy of Ana at YouBeautie News

Picture Courtesy of Ana at YouBeautie News

Where You Know Them: Faith in Buffy, Echo in Dollhouse ,(and Bring It On!)
Fun Facts: 

  • Crowd favourite for the weekend, and the only SupaStar with a dedicated security team
  • She doesn’t have a dream show to guest-star in, as she says she’s been lucky enough to be in all of them already
  • She can’t pick her favourite role, as they’ve all been special in different ways
  • Playing all the different roles in Dollhouse was challenging, but she had asked Joss Whedon for diversity
  • Her dream imprint would be a burlesque dancer, as she’s always wanted the skill

What They Had To Say: “I didn’t think that someone like me could be a cheerleader”, “I like to mix it up, but I know I have a core audience”

The Guest: Alex Kingston

Picture Courtesy of Ana at YouBeautie News

Picture Courtesy of Ana at YouBeautie News

Where You Know Them: River Song in Doctor Who
Fun Facts: 

  • Opened her segment with trademark “Hello sweetie”
  • When asked if River would be appearing again, she winked and said “Spoilers”
  • Admitted even she “doesn’t know what the hell is going on” when she reads Moffat’s scripts
  • Was first offered a guest star role in the Adipose episode, and is very grateful she had to turn it down as she would never have become River Song if she had appeared
  • When she read the initial script for “Silence In The Library” she was crying by the end of it, and she knew that if she was reacting in that way, she had to be a part of it
  • She knew she was Amy and Rory’s daughter, but wasn’t aware she had Time Lord abilities until they began to film the episode
  • Only Moffat is allowed to write for River Song, so she never appears in episodes written by guest writers
  • She doesn’t have a favourite episode, but Crash of the Byzantium had the best locations
  • Is more grateful for her role on ER than for her role on Doctor Who
  • Finds the Weeping Angels and The Silence to be the scariest monsters for “what they are psychologically”
  • The only time she has been starstruck is when she met Keifer Sutherland, usually she is “quite respectful and restrained”

What They Had To Say: “Matt is an amazing guy…he’s lovely, really, really lovely”, “I’m incredibly blessed to be given the opportunity to play strong female characters”, “I don’t read the internet, tabloids, or reviews…I don’t look at what people are saying…bad reviews can be destructive for a performance”, “River somehow is ageless…she’s an essence..she’s a positive energy”, “(Doctor Who is) not as glamorous as you might think”


The only SupaStar I met in person was Michael Rosenbaum, as my brother is a HUGE fan and asked me to get him an autograph. He was amazingly lovely, and took time to actually talk to me, so I guess that gives him extra brownie points in my eyes.

The whole convention was amazingly fun, as usual, with over 22,000 people in attendance over the weekend.

If you don’t live in Melbourne or The Gold Coast (where the convention was this past weekend), don’t fear! Supanova will be back in June for Perth and Sydney, with an amazing range of stars such as James and Oliver Phelps (Weasley Twins, Harry Potter), Alan Tudyk (Wash, Firefly), Eve Myles (Gwen, Torchwood), Kai Owen (Rhys, Torchwood), and Eoin Macken (Gwaine, Merlin) already announced, and many more to come! Start saving now, and I’ll definitely see you there!

I have another post, based around fans, cosplay, and the general environment still to come, so stay tuned!

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Supanova: The Supastars

  1. Michael was defs my favourite guest, he was so good with fans. I saw a mother and daughter go in for a photo and he remember their names, I turned to the woman next to me (his manager?) and said who impressive that was and she said more so because they were even wearing different clothes previously.
    Also, he’s just so pretty.

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