Listen: Right Place Right Time, Olly Murs

British heart-throb Olly Murs has released his debut album, Right Place Right Time, in Australia.

The eighteen track album (deluxe edition) has a contagious pop sound (as anyone who has heard Troublemaker or Army Of Two on the radio could attest to). With a brilliant mix of up beat songs that make you want to dance (Right Place Right Time, What A Buzz, Hey You Beautiful, Troublemaker), and quieter songs that silently break your heart (Dear Darlin’, Hand On Heart, One Of These Days), there’s definitely something on this album for everyone.

With every song listened to, you find yourself falling in love with the cute crooner just a little bit more (or at least, I did, but then again I’ve always had a massive soft spot for British singers). His personality shines through his singing, and his passion is amazingly evident.

My favourite songs on the album are Army of Two, What A Buzz, and One Of These Days, but the whole album is something I plan to blast on repeat for quite a while.

Olly has nailed the art of creating infectious music that fans of all genres will love and sing along to at the top of their lungs (yes, even you, indie Triple J fans).


Olly was in Australia last week to promote his album and perform at the Logies. During this trip it was announced that he will be making his way back Down Under in November for his first official Australian tour. Tickets are on sale to the general public this Monday, so if you’re a fan, make sure you snap one up before it’s too late!

Right Place Right Time is available now on iTunes and where all good CDs are sold through Sony Music Australia. 

Tickets to Olly’s tour are available from 4pm Monday 15th April via Ticketek. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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