Movie Review: Identity Thief

I had high hopes for Identity Thief. I love Melissa McCarthy, and the trailer looked hilarious.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of those movies that has so much potential but ends up falling flat on its face.

Image courtesy of Universal Pictures Australia

Image courtesy of Universal Pictures Australia

The premise is basic, Sandy is a married guy with two kids and another on the way. His job is pretty soul draining, and his boss is a major douchebag, so when one of his co-workers tells him he’s starting a new company, Sandy jumps at the chance to join. Except then some police checks come back with strange results, and his credit cards keep getting declined, and you guessed it, it turns out his identity has been stolen. What follows is a journey to Florida to pick up the thief, and then drive her back to Denver so she can face up to her crimes.

There were some weird bounty hunters thrown in that just seemed to add gratuitous violence and what I suppose was meant to be a sub-plot.

99% of the “humour” in the film came from the fact that Sandy is a girl’s name and therefore it was hilarious that a grown man had his identity stolen by a girl.

I’ll admit, there were moments where I laughed, but they were pretty few and far between. I enjoyed the ending, but my goodness it was a struggle to get there.

I can’t help but feel like Melissa McCarthy has been totally typecast and, while she was amazingly brilliant in Bridesmaids, unless she lands another hit, she’s just going to go further and further down the “funny, kooky fat lady” sink hole.

Image courtesy of Universal Pictures Australia

Image courtesy of Universal Pictures Australia

At the end of the day, Identity Thief was way too long and slow for a storyline and cast that had amazing potential. Go see it if you’re desperate, but I’d save your $20 until an actually funny movie comes along.

Identity Thief is out now in Australian cinemas, through Universal Pictures

Rating: 2.5/5

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