Gig Review: The Script

Usually when I attend a concert, it’s because I adore the artist to the point where I will cry during their performance. However, last night I went to see The Script, and I have to admit before going in I knew approximately two of their songs (no prizes for guessing which two).

Still, I had been given the tickets, and they were Irish, so who was I to say no?!

It was sincerely one of the best, sincerest, most energetic, shows I have ever been to. The band were gorgeous. Lead singer, Danny, was interactive, cute, and absolutely a dream to watch perform. Guitarist Mark was hilarious and brilliant. I didn’t know their names before going in, but they captured my heart and made me swear to learn everything about them.

Unlike other performers I have seen live (not mentioning any names, Destiny Hope Cyrus), you could tell they actually wanted to be there. There were moments where they would stop and listen to the cheering, and the expressions on their faces were of absolute disbelief and joy. There was no fakeness. No sense that they were just doing a job. They were astounded by the love and support the audience was showing them.

And their fans were amazing. We were on the floor, surrounded by fans ranging from teenager girls to middle aged men. But age and gender didn’t matter when the band started playing. There were tears, there was absolute jumping up and down, screaming every word, there was full on rocking out. Their fandom was sincere, welcoming, and completely dedicated to the Irish band. I was standing next to a man who could easily have been my father, but in that moment he was just a huge fan, acting like a twelve year old at a One Direction concert. It was a pleasure to see.

Because my knowledge of their songs is still sadly limited, I can’t give you a run down of the setlist, but every song they performed was met with absolute adoration by the audience. I know they closed with “Hall Of Fame”, which they dedicated to the audience. Confetti was released from the roof and the whole room was screaming along, and even though two hours before I had never even really thought about The Script, in that moment, I felt a part of something so much bigger than I am, and that’s why I love and pursue fandoms with all of my being. When you’re there, in that moment, and there’s a gorgeous band on stage singing an anthem to the audience while girls cry and confetti floats around you…it’s a pretty amazing experience.

The Script promised they’d be back, as they said Australians are some of their favourite people in the world, so if you missed out on seeing them this time around, keep your eyes peeled for their next tour.

If, like me, you only know them from what you’ve heard on the radio, do yourself a favour and buy some of their albums. Their newest album, #3, is out through Sony Music now, and I promise that by the next time they come, you’ll be the sobbing fan in the crowd.

The Script are represented by Sony Music Australia, who kindly provided me with tickets for the concert

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Gig Review: The Script

  1. You are so lucky!!! I wanted to go to The Script in Brisbane but I’ve already gone to two concerts and have no money to buy another concert ticket but I will definitely go to The Script when they come next time 🙂

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