Listen: Lawson

By Stephanie Marinkovic 

I think it is safe to say Lawson is the hottest new band on the scene. And luckily for us, the UK-based band is heading to Australia to promote their album Chapman Square.

Their pop-rock sound is already a favourite in the UK, having toured the UK in 2012 and also supporting The Wanted on their ‘Behind Bars’ tour in 2011 and again in 2012 on their ‘The Code’ tour.
However, you should heed this warning: do not call them a boyband. Though they are just as gorgeous as the One Direction boys, they would much rather be compared to The Script or Maroon 5 (hey, Adam Levine is hot too!)
Lawson are quite proud to have gained their fame the ‘traditional’ way too. As four musicians who met through MySpace and mutual friends, they are far from the “manufactured” bands produced through reality talent shows.
Lead singer Andy Brown, 25 is the man behind the band name. At the age of 19, Andy was diagnosed with a brain tumour and needed dangerous, intricate surgery to remove it. Well and truly back on his feet now, Andy is also the creative mind behind the bands songs, writing or co-writing all of them.
Along with Andy, Lawson consists of drummer Adam Pitts, 21, guitarist Joel Peat, 22 and bassist Ryan Fletcher, 22. Together they have attracted masses of screaming fangirls (and they’ve accumulated quite a range of fan fiction as a result…)
You can listen to their fourth single (but first Australian release) Learn to Love Again here:
If they seem to be your thing (hello, attractive British musicians…I think they’re everyone’s ‘thing’) you can still get tickets to their Sydney concert. Just visit Ticketek for details!
Learn to Love Again is available on iTunes now. Chapman Square will be released on iTunes on 12 April 2013. It is available for pre-order now!”

Steph @ frangipani princess xoxo

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