Airport Adventures

AKA times my boring rural life is slightly exciting.

I was at the airport waiting to fly back to Sydney this afternoon, when I spotted a man who looked familiar. As I stared at him across the waiting area, all I could think was “wow, you look exactly like Professor Duncan from Community”. Except I was in Albury. And nobody cool is ever in Albury, especially on a Thursday afternoon. 
Because I tweet my whole life, the following then occurred: 
(read from the bottom, or from the top if you want to spoil the story and be confused) 

And because we’re total BFFs now, we took a selfie (please excuse my face, I was not expecting to be taking photos with an actor from one of my favourite shows). 

We chatted, and it was awesome, and then I put it on all my social media and everyone was very jealous. He told me my Community bag (which I was using as carry on) was brilliant. He then came over to ME again after we had said goodbye and offered to show me set photos. And then when I was leaving he said it was nice to meet me and he hoped I would have a good flight. Total above and beyond kindness. What an awesome man. 

It just goes to show, sometimes living in the middle of nowhere has its advantages. Did you get to meet John Oliver and have him show you set photos from Community, North Shore kids? No, I didn’t think so. 

I was so caught up in trying to apologise for being a total creeper that I didn’t get to ask him about The Daily Show, or how I’m studying to be a journalist and it’s really awesome and stuff. Oh well. At least I got a photo. I was so nervous when I met Victoria Justice that I forgot to even do that. 

So that was my Thursday adventure. I hope yours was just as fun.

frangipani princess xoxo

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