New Jonas Brothers

My boys are back! 

After a four year hiatus in which they did things like get married, release solo albums, and date people with interesting names, The Jonas Brothers have made a return to the music scene. 

Their newest single, “Pom Poms” was released in Australia this morning, and it proves just how big the boys are going to be this time around. Gone are their Disneyfied lyrics, the chorus of this single is “I love it when your hands are free, baby put your pom-poms down for me”. It’s a song that both their old fans, and people who never dreamed of liking them, will love. 

The film clip hasn’t been officially released, however it was leaked over the weekend, and is brilliant. It’s rather sexual, but shows the boys have grown up (after all, they’re now 20, 23, and 25). They’re not the little Disney boys with purity rings any more, they’re a serious contender in the music industry (although, it begs to question: to be taken seriously do you have to throw away your morals and have half naked girls in your videos?). 

Check it out below (trust the Jonas Brothers to manage to get a gospel choir into a rather provocative clip): 

The song is super catchy, and I’m convinced that it will be rocking the airwaves before long. And I bet that those listening to it won’t even realise who it is singing (and will surprise themselves by falling in love). 

The boys also announced their North American tour dates on Ryan Seacrest this morning. They’ll be touring the USA over their Summer, so let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed that an Aussie announcement is just around the corner! 

Keep your eyes pealed for a full album, which will be out before long! 

frangipani princess xoxo

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