Tech Review: Sony VAIO Duo Ultrabook Convertible (Sponsored)

I have been a devoted Mac convert for the past three years, but when I was given the opportunity to give the new Sony Vaio Duo Ultrabook Convertible, powered by Intel, a try, I couldn’t say no. What’s brilliant about the Ultrabook is that it’s both a tablet and a laptop. So, if you want to absent mindedly scroll through tumblr using the touch screen tablet, you can, or if you want to pen a blog post, you can flip up the screen and it becomes a super easy laptop.
The first thing I noticed, being a new University student, was how much lighter the Ultrabook Convertible was compared to my usual Macbook Pro. It’s the same size as an a4 sheet of paper, and is unbelievably light for the amount it does. It completely wakes up within seven seconds, so even if I was running late for a lecture (my life), I was able to start taking notes instantly.
One of my favourite procrastinations at the moment is re-watching Doctor Who. The Ultrabook Convertible was brilliant to assist me with this. The huge tablet screen played my shows with the highest clarity, and the extremely fast running speed meant that I literally had to wait seconds when switching between episodes. No such thing as freezing or lagging here!
Although I am out of practice with using a Windows operating system, I found Windows 8 extremely easy to work out. I found the touch-screen functionality to be especially handy when on the Home Screen, as you could just flick between pages of apps. It was all so simple.
A week wasn’t long enough for me to test out all the awesome functions that the Ultrabook Convertible brings with it, but everything I did test out far exceeded my expectations. It was excellent for taking notes in lectures, super useful for browsing social networking sites, and an absolute breeze to blog on.
I never thought I’d say this, but I didn’t even miss my beloved Mac a little during my week with the Ultrabook! That’s pretty much all the recommendation you need. 

This post was sponsored by Intel via Nuffnang, however all statements are fully my beliefs and opinions. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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