Watch: A Very Potter Senior Year

At the end of 2009, I was bored and decided to follow a link to something called “A Very Potter Musical”. I didn’t think much of that one action at the time, but I have since realised that it completely changed my life. 

Fast forward to this morning and the release of A Very Potter Senior Year, the final instalment in the A Very Potter Trilogy. 

We have known that this was coming for quite a while. The only performance of it was a staged reading at Leaky Con 2012, and they were initially unsure if they would even release it on youtube. In December they released the soundtrack and script on The Starkid Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company Website, and for a while, we were content. It was something. 
But then they announced they would, after all, be uploading it onto youtube. 

As the countdown got closer, I told myself I wouldn’t watch it. That if I left it be, it would never be over. After all, we all remember how much of a mess I was after watching the final Harry Potter movie, or you know, ever finishing any tv series ever. 

But, then I saw the cast tweeting about it, and I gave in. 

Five hours later, here I am. Tears still threatening to spill, and my heart irreparably shattered once more (who said you need a boyfriend to cause a broken heart?!), I just underwent an emotional roller-coaster of “The End Of Time Part 2” proportions. 

I honestly don’t know where to begin recounting the experience that is watching AVPSY as a massive Starkid fan. 

It was hilarious, and outrageous, and rude, and heartwarming, and basically every adjective we have come to associate with Team Starkid, and more. 

Story wise, the team stuck to the canonical events of The Chamber of Secrets, except making it occur in the gang’s senior year. There is parseltongue hilarious enough to warrant a facebook status, and an amazing appearance from Moaning Myrtle. I initially wasn’t sure how going back to the second canonical story would work in seventh year, but it was so much better than I could have imagined. 

All of your favourite characters are present in the performance (with bonus!Evanna Lynch as Luna), and the entire show is a culmination of jokes from the previous two shows (with, as usual, extra Glee references when it came to Darren). I definitely found myself squealing more often than not as all of those brilliant sayings we have come to love made appearances (and yes, there is a Finding joke, but it’s so amazingly good I won’t even start spoiling it for you). 

For an almost five hour show, it is surprisingly light on songs, but those that are included are of the highest quality. There are lyrical references in jokes to past songs, as well as reinterpretations of favourites, and the song that never fails to make me sob (spoilers, sweetie) was even featured in it’s original version (cue tears everywhere). 

As it was just a staged reading, there were mistakes, and the cast held scripts, but it was adorable and awkward and just worked, because it was them. They are the most perfect group of actors you could ever come across, and to think that they started this as a group of college friends is mind boggling. 

If I had to pick stand out favourite moments, I would have to narrow it down to two. 

One, would be the whole Tom Riddle storyline (Joe Walker, as usual, is outrageously talented), but especially the moment when he first arrives at Hogwarts and meets his friends. Just…amazing. And (spoilers) but you will get to see a dance-off between Tom Riddle and Lucius Malfoy. If for nothing else, it’s worth watching just for that. 

The second, and what appears to be the overall standout moment as voted by the internet, comes right at the end of the second last scene. Darren Criss, as Harry, is saying goodbye to Hogwarts, but for a moment, breaks character and looks at the audience, saying in his regular voice “it has been…totally awesome”.

And with that, fangirl hearts around the world shattered. 

You can watch A Very Potter Senior Year here, but be warned, have tissues at the ready. 

It is definitely a fitting end to one of the most brilliant trilogies ever. 

Rating: 6/5 

frangipani princess xoxo

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