Sixteen Days Til Uni (In Which I Find Out I Will Have A Roommate At College)

I have always been a very introverted person. I enjoy my own company (most of the time, anyway), and I often get freaked out in large social situations. Since I returned from America three weeks ago, I have spent most of my time at home, watching tv and reading. I’ve become accustomed to the solitude. 

Which is why when I found out I will be living with a roommate for the next year, I didn’t quite know what to think. 

It wasn’t a complete shock, after all, on the college application form I had ticked “no preference” when asked whether I wanted a single or share room (I am so indecisive! And have read one too many YA books where roommates end up being BFFs). But still, until I got the form that informed me I would indeed be living in a share room for my first year of university, I had just assumed I would be living by myself.  

I’m not worried. The college says they try as hard as they can to match compatible roommates. It will be nice in O-Week to have someone there, kind of an instant friend. Hopefully she will be nice, and we’ll have similar interests, and it will turn into a kind of Pudge and The Colonel friendship, rather than the one shared between Beca and Kimmy in Pitch Perfect. 

My friends who live in America have all experienced roommates (as, unlike here, a roommate is compulsory first year of university). I haven’t heard any horror stories, which makes me hopeful. 

What is making me nervous, however, is that I don’t get to find out my roommates identity until I arrive at college. It’s going to be a bit of a surprise, like, “here’s your room…and the girl you’ll be living with for the next forty weeks. Enjoy!” I’m sure that first night, after our parents leave, will be kind of awkward. But hopefully it won’t be too bad. 

My mum is worried. She thinks I’ll alienate the poor girl by sitting on my laptop and refusing to communicate. I think she’s overreacting. I’m not completely anti-social (most of the time, anyway). I, however, think it’s a good thing. I’m someone who believes that everything happens for a reason, and there’s a reason my “no preference” ended up being a shared room. Maybe it’s to stop me locking myself away and avoiding socialising for the whole year. Maybe it’s to introduce me to my new best friend. Maybe it’s to teach me a lesson about getting along with actual people, and not relying on fictional characters. Maybe it’s something that I haven’t even thought of yet. 

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out. 

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Sixteen Days Til Uni (In Which I Find Out I Will Have A Roommate At College)

  1. Okay, I'm probably not the first to tell you this, but:Roommates are great!At first year in my boarding school, I had two.And for the first month, they both were my most disliked people in my whole class.But when one of them and I discovered what a total freak the other was, we somewhat bonded and became best friends.That was nice, but not the point ;)The point is: Someone else usually helps you to assess yourself, compare you to her and think: "Is it wrong spending my night at my laptop when she goes partying?" and if the answer is positive, you simply ask to come along next time!Also, it's nice to live together with your best friend, but in my experience (me and my best friend moved together alone in my 2nd year) it's better to live with someone who you like, but isn't your best friend. It's easier to critisise someone for being to messy if you don't have to question: "Why is she my best friend again?" along with this.So… good look with your roommate. Believe me, you will bond, that's sort of inevitable, but it's also nice if she's more of a 'door-opener' to new things, than the best thing herself 🙂

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