Book Review: This Lullaby (#95 on NPR Top 100 Teen Books List)

It’s the summer after high school. Remy’s mum is getting married. Again. Not believing in love herself, Remy breaks up with her boyfriend, content to spend the summer alone before moving to the other side of the country for University. 

But fate has other plans. 

At her soon-to-be step father’s car dealership, she runs into Dexter. And then it seems like everywhere she goes, Dexter is there. 

Remy is not looking for love, especially not from a wanna-be-musician like Dexter, but soon she finds herself feeling awfully fond of his ramshackle house, his crazy bandmates, and his loveable dog. Soon she’s falling for the singer, which in her organised mind, complicates everything. 

Throw in some dramatic best friends, a romance writer mother, and a famous song that’s the only relic Remy has of her long-gone father, and you get “This Lullaby”. 

Sarah Dessen is known for her addictively brilliant teen love stories, and This Lullaby does not disappoint. With a perfect mix of drama, fluff, heartbreak, and happy endings, fans of Dessen, and fans of romantic YA in general, will thoroughly enjoy the novel. 

Rating: 3.5/5

frangipani princess xoxo

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