Book Review: 13 Little Blue Envelopes (#55 on NPR Top 100 Teen Books List)

Ginny receives thirteen letters, thirteen envelopes with instructions to open one at a time, and do whatever the letter inside says.
Normally not one to stray from her suburban New Jersey life, Ginny would usually be hesitant in this situation. But the letters come from her favourite aunt, Peggy. Her favourite aunt who has recently passed away.

So Ginny jumps on a plane and arrives in London, with little more than a back pack, a key card, and the letters. The first letter sets out the rules for the trip, including the fact that no guide books or maps can be brought with her. Ginny is all alone in a strange new city, with only the words of a ghost to guide her. 

But soon she begins to meet her aunt’s friends, and even starts to make some friends of her own. As the letters begin to send her all over Europe, Ginny starts to learn not only about herself, but about the carefree aunt she once idolised. 

Throw in a cute British love interest, some hilarious back packing tales, and the heartbreak of loss and self-discovery, and you have a brilliant coming of age story that will appeal to girls of all ages. 

Maureen Johnson is one of my favourite people, with her twitter never failing to make me laugh. I had previously read her more recent novel, “The Name Of Our Star” which is amazing, but has more of a supernatural theme. “13 Little Blue Envelopes”, however, was just my absolute favourite kind of contemporary YA fiction. Maureen is a major advocate for the YA genre, and she definitely does it proud with this addition. 

Rating: 4/5
13 Little Blue Envelopes is available now online and where all good books are sold. You can also grab the sequel, “The Last Little Blue Envelope”, which I am yet to read but hear is amazing. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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