Frangi Chats To…James Maslow of Big Time Rush

I was lucky enough to be given the last minute opportunity to join a google+ hangout with James Maslow, one fourth of Nickelodeon superstar boy-band Big Time Rush. While I didn’t conduct the main interview myself, I got to watch and get some interesting information, and then ask him a few of my own questions. 

I’m a massive Big Time Rush fan, and was excited to learn more about the real life of the actor who plays pretty-boy James Diamond on screen. 

In the initial interview, journalist Nancy asked James about the pressures of fame, growing up in the limelight, and all about his love life. It was a remarkably candid interview, with not much off limits. James spoke about long term girlfriend Halston, his luck at having a regular childhood (he moved to LA at seventeen), and how he tries his hardest at twenty-two to remain a positive influence on his younger fans. 

And then it was my turn to ask James some questions. 

I asked James whether there was any chance of BTR bringing their next tour Down Under, (and after complimenting my accent) he said it’s definitely something they’re considering. He loves the idea of our beaches and awesome fans, so definitely wants to make it a reality. Fingers crossed! 

BTR are in the studio working on their third album, so I asked how the sound varied from the first two CDs the boys put out. James said  that in their previous album (“Elevate”), they fell to the pressure of what was popular at the time. He says the new album will go back to their roots and be focused on total pop sound. He said the boys were taking inspiration from classic pop bands such as The Monkees, and would be staying true to their boy-band pop roots. 

My final question was if he had to choose between acting and singing, which he would pick. He said that’s always the hardest question, because it has always been his dream to have a successful movie career, but doing BTR has given him an overwhelming passion for singing. He hopes he never has to chose between the two. 

If you want to watch the full interview (and my really awkward outside facial expressions and frowning) you can go here.

You can catch Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon, follow James on twitter @jamesmaslow, and grab their albums on iTunes and at all good music retailers. 

frangipani princess xoxo

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