Movie Review: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

The novel “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower” is a serious contender to be my number one favourite book of all time, so when I heard they were making it into a movie my initial reaction was one of apprehension.
As I’ve previously mentioned, I get extremely protective of my favourite books. Hipsters constantly quoting “and in that moment I swear we were infinite” gets on my nerves enough already, so I couldn’t imagine how I would deal with all the bandwagon jumpers once the film was released.

In a frustrating twist of fate, the film was released in America before I arrived and released in Australia after I left. I watched from a distance as everyone posted their reactions online, but really just wanted to see it myself. And so when I got on the plane the other day and it was one of the films offered, I literally squealed in excitement.

If you have never read the book, it is written in the form of a series of letters written over a year from ‘Charlie’ to a ‘friend’. The filmmakers brilliantly incorporated the letter writing without making them the overriding point. By not making every moment a letter, it made the times when Charlie did write one to be all that more powerful. 

The casting was absolutely brilliant. Logan Lerman played the perfect awkward and sad wallflower. Ezra Miller was outstanding as Patrick. Emma Watson, in arguably her first major role since Harry Potter, portrayed the hauntingly idolised Sam in a way that left absolutely nothing for want. 

I laughed. I sobbed. I wanted more. It was a brilliant adaptation that left nothing for want. It was respectful of the original time period (1991), without making it over the top obvious. The famous “infinite” lines were done amazingly well, as were the scenes with Bill. Charlie’s mental issues were subtle and respectful, yet amazingly powerful. As the final credits rolled and I wiped the tears from my eyes, I just wanted to watch it again, and again, and again. That’s a very rare feeling after watching a film for me, especially one that was adapted from a book I love (I wanted to throw things after watching “My Sister’s Keeper” and “The Lovely Bones”). 

The film was written and directed by Stephen Chbosky, the author of the novel, which I can only assume contributed to its immense level of awesome. He ensured that the film did the amazing novel justice, and for that I stand and applaud him. 

I can only assume that the DVD will be released in the near future (it’s released in America tomorrow), and when it is, you must buy yourself a copy, regardless of whether you’ve already seen it or not. Just like the novel, it’s a coming of age classic that everyone should watch and love. 

And if you haven’t read the book, run, don’t walk, to grab yourself a copy. 

Rating: 5/5
Distributed By: Summit/Icon

frangipani princess xoxo

One thought on “Movie Review: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

  1. I think the transformation of the letters was my favourite aspect, because it annoyed me in the book. O hate how it was put forward as a letter, but came across as a regular narrative, except greetings. But as you said, it was a powerful aspect of the movie.

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