Twenty Thirteen

Happy New Year! 

I saw my New Year in by waiting anxiously by my phone for news of a fire that was burning behind my house back in Australia. In a sign of hopefully what 2013 will bring, news eventually trickled in that all the houses in our street, despite all odds, had been saved.
The lesson I suppose I’m meant to take from this experience is to understand that sometimes things are out of our control (way, way, other side of the world out of our control) and yet they will still work out. 

It’s now 2013. 

I can officially say I finished high school last year and that this year I will be attending university. It’s a clean slate. A fresh start. All those other horrible cliches that the universe sprouts at this time of the year. It’s a year where anything is possible. 

I have eighteen days left in North America before I head back to Australia, and then a month until I move to Sydney to begin University. The ATAR I received last month was surprisingly better than expected, and so courses and college places are happily guaranteed. 

2013. A year of change. A year of moving on. A year where anything can happen.

After almost nineteen years of happily living under my parent’s roof, this year will see me move out and learn to fend for myself (if you can call three meals a day provided by the college fending for yourself). I will get all sorts of new independence. And Frangipani Princess will be given the opportunity to grow with me. 

I’m no longer the naive thirteen year old who started this blog all those years ago, and as I have developed, and continue to develop, I feel that you guys have been on the journey with me. And as I begin my new chapter at University, I hope this will continue to happen. 

As of right now, I cannot say for certain what 2013 is going to bring for Frangipani Princess. I need to focus on settling into Uni, and as Charlie learns in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, how to participate. But I will not be abandoning the blog. The entertainment centric plan I set out after the HSC will come into force once I return to Australia, and hopefully I can continue to be a destination for all your teen entertainment desires. I’d love to be able to share more interviews with you, and give you more opportunities, but for now all I can promise is once I move to Sydney I will try my hardest to give you the best blog possible.

But for now, I must continue my travels. I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season, and I can’t wait for you to join me on my journey in 2013.

frangipani princess xoxo

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